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Did you know that domain investment and web pages are gaining popularity? EU Sou Luffy translates to – I’am Luffy, a famous Japanese One Piece anime character created by Eiichiro Oda, who declared Luffy to be from Brazil

This announcement made in 2022 gave rise to the EU Sou pictures getting portraits as football players before the Women’s and men’s world cup in Brazil in 2023 and 2026, respectively.



Investing in domain names matching news in trend is never too late. As EU Sou Luffy character became popular in Brazil and across the globe, domain was created and updated on 23rd/June/2023 at 7:38:22. is 1-day old website registered for one year until 23rd/June/2024 at 7:38:22. Website’s renewal is set within next 11-months and 30-days.


The URL of is based on famous Japanese anime character Eusouoluffy Con, also known as – Monkey D. Luffy and Straw Hat Luffy. Luffy appeared on TV screens in 1997 at age of 7-years. Hence, may get resold to third-party interested in featuring something related to Luffy! Luffy is son of Monkey D. Dragon, who was leader of Revolutionary Army. His grandfather Monkey D. Garp was a Marine hero. 

Who is Luffy:

From early childhood, Luffy was inspired by stories of pirates, bandits, and Red-Haired Shanks. Like Huckleberry Finn and Dragon Ball characters, he leaves his home and sets on sail from East Blue Sea. Eusouoluffy Con sails towards Grand Line in search of huge legendary treasure left by King of Pirates – Gol D. Roger.


On his journey, Luffy eats Gum-Gum Fruit, transforming his body into highly stretchable rubber. Under mentorship of Red-Haired Shanks, Luffy learns many skills to alter his body. His Gear 2 abilities allow him to sweat a lot and rapidly evaporate sweat, giving impression that steam is coming out of his body. Gear 3 allows Luffy’s body to inflate and expand to a huge size.

Luffy becomes captain of – Straw Hat Pirates and takes care of  EU Sou pirates responsibilities effectively. His abilities make him resistant to electric attacks and objects with huge weights. However, he is susceptible to attack with sharp objects and swords. Luffy is keen to become King of Pirates and is ready to risk his life. 


He defeated Seven Warlords of the Sea, Mom Pirate, Cipher Pol, Four Emperors of the Grand Line, and World Nobles on his adventure. He remained undefeated and annihilated Enies Lobby. Portgas D. Ace and Sabo are his sworn brothers. Initially, he had a bounty of 1,500,000,000 Berry. But, EU Sou, after defeating reputed pirates and as town’s people learned about Portgas and Sabo, his bounty was increased to current 3,000,000,000 Berry!

Luffy is a cheerful character who often helps innocent people and fights with pirates. There are 1072 episodes of EU Sou Luffy from several series, which gained a good 8.9/10-star rating from ‎147,748+ customer reviews. EU Sou Luffy (or) Monkey D. Luffy is also a popular Roblox and video game character on various platforms, which uses his elastic hands to hit enemies and elasticity of his legs to jump.

Appearance of EU Sou

On his adventure at Drum Island Arc, Arabasta Arc, Skypiea Arc, Long Ring Long Land Arc, Enies Lobby Arc, Post-Enies Lobby Arc, Thriller Bark Arc, Sabaody Archipelago Arc, Amazon Lily Arc, Impel Down Arc, Etc., Luffy wore different outfits. But, after returning from adventure, he is back in his regular red-coloured no-sleeved shirt and blue shorts. His yellow hat with a red strip remained a common part of his outfits. Hence, he is popular as Straw Hat.

The features of

Owing to popularity of term EU Sou Luffy and its importance, domain – Eusouoluffy com was invested as a parking website. Parking domain are created to earn profits in features from its sale. However, until its sale in feature, website tries to increase its scores and visitor count. 

As of writing, did not feature any content (or) sponsored links as it is just one day old. To recover cost of operation, parking domains generally feature links from sponsors related to default topics. only included link to privacy policy from is domain parking provider, registrar, and web host, providing extensive support, exciting web templates, integration, compatibility with mobile devices, Etc. Eusouoluffy Con has one DoFollow backlink. gets zero↓ visitors monthly with $0↓ traffic value. has good load speed of 119↑ milliseconds, with 94%↑ A-Performance grade. 

The Legitimacy of

Evidently, due to popularity of EU Sou Luffy, gained 12% trust score within 24-hrs without hosting any content (or) without providing any product and services! However, was registered in high-risk country of Henan, China. uses less secured HTTP protocol. is not blacklisted, and its IP has valid SSL certificate for next 89-days. Identity and contact of EU Sou‘s owners, administrator, and technical team are censored using paid privacy services of Customer service contact and email, physical address and other policies of customer importance were unspecified.

Social media links:

Conclusion: has poor scores and uses an unsecured HTTP protocol. It will take time to improve its score. Due to recent registration, its suspicion, threat, malware, spam, and phishing scores are yet to be determined. Currently, due to domain scores of, it is possibly an illegitimate website, which is highly risky for users’ devices, personal, and payment data. Hence, users should wait for few months to safely access

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EU Sou – FAQ

1Q. uses how many servers?

Servers serial chain numbers b3bddff8a7845bbce903a04135b34a45 targeting and located in the USA.

2Q. Who is registrar of

Cloud Yuqu LLC.

5Q. Who is ISP of

Bodis LLC., USA.

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