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Alternative Way to Buy Cryptocurrency: Bestchange, 16 Years of Excellence

Cryptocurrency won the affection of many people in the world both as an investment tool and as one of the finance alternatives. The question remains as to where one can purchase or exchange the new gold in a safe and convenient manner. Today, we will speak about one of the giants on the market, the BestChange.com company, and the story behind and current operations streamlining the process of purchasing crypto.

The website of the company, www.bestchange.com, is a directory of vetted exchangers where one can easily trade between cryptocurrency, e-currency (Advanced Cash, PayPal, Perfect Money) and fiat (EUR, USD, TRY and many more currencies). First and foremost, it is necessary to clarify what exchangers are. Crypto exchangers are online and offline platforms where buying cryptocurrency is ultimately straightforward. Although some exchangers have KYC procedures, in most of them, exchanges take place without user verification, which is an extra bonus. However, if you go to search engines in search of an exchanger, there will be gazillions of results, and there is a risk of coming across a fraudulent one. To help with this problem, there are exchanger monitors — directories that list only those exchangers that have gone through a strict diligence check. And one of the largest and biggest ones is BestChange, where users can not only breathe out and rely on the monitor’s choice of partners but also compare the rates in them and find the best one.

Speaking of its age, BestChange is older than all cryptocurrencies. The monitor was launched 16 years ago, on 19 June 2007, by a 19 y.o. developer.The prodigy started his business as a money exchanger as well. However, during the market analysis, the CEO of the monitor found a bottleneck— at that time, a large number of fraudulent exchangers already existed. This discovery pushed the developer to create a website with selected reliable exchangers where users could find the best exchange rates. He found inspiration from very young services for exchange rate comparison, he soon created a better version of such a service, and it still goes strong. With time former market leaders vanished, and BesChange has become the most popular among existing projects thanks to the service convenience and proper marketing.

As for convenience, the project’s user-friendliness is outstanding. The user looking to exchange cryptocurrency only needs to choose in the column on the left the source and target currencies (GIVE and GET, for example, Visa/MasterCard USD and Bitcoin (BTC). They will be instantly shown a list of trusted exchangers, with the best rates on the top.

There are many handy features that help the user even further. Each exchanger in the list has marks next to its name, signalling whether or not it requires KYC, if the exchange is manual or automatic, and many more. Users can check the selected exchanger’s profile to see the date of its launching and ratings and go through reviews written by real customers. There is a Calculator feature with the help of which you can find out the exact amount you will receive. You can switch the exchange direction to an inverse one and save the pair in the Popular tab. To make an exchange, all the user needs to do is go to the exchanger website.

The list of currencies is vast; there are lots of rare coins. You can find where you can exchange crypto for cash after selecting the currency pair and the city where you need the exchange to take place. Geography is constantly spreading.
The BestChange directory also offers an attractive affiliate program and a bitcoin faucet. What should be noted is that the website is absolutely advertisement-free.

As for the exchangers, the number of which is over 200 and growing, the platform does thorough diligence checks to ensure that only reliable and trusted ones get into the listing.

The platform takes it upon itself to perform due diligence checks of the exchangers’ reliability to ensure maximum safety for the users.

BestChange.com is the leader in their segment, drawing 70 per cent of users of all monitors. However, its competitors are not only other monitors but also websites helping with the same demand: exchanges, p2p platforms, Telegram bots. All these platforms have advantages and disadvantages. BestChange stands out because they offer the most balanced solution from the viewpoint of safety, profitability, speed, and simplicity of exchanges. 

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