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Esenyurt Tekel Bayi Video: Why Esenyurt Tekel Video Twitter Went Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram & Telegram Check Youtube Tutorial Now!

In the post below, we have discussed the viral Esenyurt Tekel Bayi Video, with the police investigation reports and details of the event.

Do you know why armed conflict in Güzelyurt District happened? Do you know what happened in Güzelyurt District? Do you know when this horrifying incident happened in Türkiye? You must read this post if you are still unaware that this happened. In this post, we have shared all the event details with evidence that is supposed to witness this horrifying incident.

Are you still not aware of this incident? Then this incident would blow your mind. The horrifying incident disturbs people worldwide, so you must read the below to know every detail about Esenyurt Tekel Bayi Video

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What is Esenyurt Tekel Bayi viral Video?

An incident video went viral on the internet in which Esenyurt Tekel died. The entire incident was recorded on the security camera. The footage revealed four people came to a liquor shop in Güzelyurt District on Friday night. All the passages were in the same car, and they started an argument with Batuhan Bayındır, Yusuf Erzen, and Yunus Emre Erzen, who were presented in the store. However, this incident was recorded on camera and went Viral On Reddit and other social media platforms. 

As a result of this argument, Yunus Emre Erzen and Batuhan Bayındır were shot dead. Both died on the spot, but Yusuf Erzen were able to survive. Though he can survive currently, he is hospitalized due to his injuries. 

Further details of the Esenyurt Tekel Video Twitter 

The painful incident raised the security concern, and the investigation continues. Police are trying to find all the possible reasons for the incident and looking for the suspects curious. However, the further details of the incident haven’t been disclosed yet, but the investigation is still ongoing. You can check out the social media links below to learn more about this incident.

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A horrifying incident video went viral on the internet in which four men came in a vehicle and started an argument with three shop workers. Later these four men shot all three workers in which; two died, and one was still in the hospital. 

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Esenyurt Tekel Bayi Video– FAQs

Q1. What is the age of Batuhan Bayındır?

Ans. Batuhan Bayındır were 20 years old. 

Q2. What was the age of Yusuf Erzen?

Ans. Yusuf Erzen is just 21 years old. 

Q3. What was the shop in which this incident happened?

Ans. The shop was of unhealthy dilute substance. 

Q4. Is this video available on TikTok?

Ans. Currently, we are not aware whether this video is available on TikTok or not. 

Q5. Does the police arrest the culprit? 

Ans. No, the police haven’t arrested the culprit yet. 

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