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Letecia Stauch Wikipedia: Who Is Letecia Stauch? Get More Details On Her Husband, Daughter And Trial Twitter

This article provides more details about Letecia Stauch Wikipedia and the murder case of her stepson.

Who is Letecia Stauch Wikipedia? Why she killed Gannon Stauch? What is the motive behind his murder? Letecia Stauch is the stepmother of Gannon Stauch, involved in the young boy’s murder. The child’s murder trial was shared on social media, and people from the United States and Canada were shocked. Keep reading the Letecia Stauch Wikipedia article to know more details about Letecia Stauch.

When was Gannon Stauch missing?

Gannon Stauch was born on 2008. When he was missing at 11, he was missing from 27th January 2020. The missing incident took place a few weeks before the COVID pandemic situation. People from his neighbourhood were involved and put effort into finding him. Only the Local people showed more attention to the case. In 2018 The Stauch family moved to Colorado. And they were residing in the place of Lorson Ranch. 

Stepmother Murder – Verdict Watch

The Stauch relocated area is always noticeable in the militaryTheir house was located in the military officer’s area. And three military headquarters were also existing in the area. That is one of the main reasons for the neighbour’s involvement in the death case of the child Gannon Stauch.

According to the investigation report, stepmother Letecia Stauch is accused of first-degree murder. The stepson Gannon Stauch, resulted in death, interfering with evidence, with a dead body. The judge is considering the fate of the Colorado Letecia Stauch stepmom suspected of her stepson’s brutal murder.

Letecia Stauch murder – Trial Twitter

El Paso County – EPSO will initiate the homicide trial of stepmother Letecia Stauch. The Colorado Springs lady is suspected of killing her stepson in 2020.

Court documents reported that the panel of judge’s selection is arranged to commence on Monday. The defendant’s stability expert succumbed to a final report of the case to the court.

The Letecia Stauch stepson’s murder case was also live-streamed on the Twitter page. 

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Letecia Stauch Husband

In 2020, Letecia Stauch’s husband, Albert Stauch, filed for divorce. Albert Stauch has ended his marriage life to his ex-partner. She is appearing on first-degree murder charges against Gannon Stauch’s disappearance.

In 2020, State Court Administrator representative officer confirmed the filing to The Son. Reports show clearly that the couple’s marriage relationship is permanently broken.

Albert Stauch, the father of Gannon Stauch, defines his divorce finalization from his wife Letecia as a burden and finally lifted. After Letecia was accused and arrested for murdering her stepson Gannon Stauch, the couple obvious to divorce.

Letecia Stauch Daughter

Harley Hunt is the child of Letecia Stauch. In front of a judge, she appeared against Letecia Stauch, her mother. Harley Hunt was 17 when Letecia Stauch was arrested for her stepbrother, Gannon Stauch.

Harley Hunt did not believe her mother murdered Gannon Stauch till a few months before.

She does not accuse or face any cases related to the stepbrother’s murder. Stauch’s lawyers point to Letecia Stauch’s some illness as a defence for Gannon Stauch’s death. Continue reading more about the young boy Gannon’s death case and Letecia Stauch Wikipedia.

Charges against Letecia Stauch

Letecia Stauch, the stepmother, was the person who saw Gannon Stauch before his death. Letecia reported that Gannon was runaway on 27th January Monday, 2020. After a few days, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office – EPSO revised the missing case of the young child.

After a few weeks, the search crews operated vigorously to find Gannon Stauch. And finally, he was found in Florida.

The following cases charged against Letecia Stauch,

  • First-Degree Murderer (The Child Under Twelve)
  • Tampering with a Dead Human Body
  • Child Assault Resultant in Death
  • Tampering with Physical Evidence
  • 8 counts – Crime of violence 

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Letecia Stauch Wikipedia stated the first-degree murder case was charged against the young boy Gannon Stauch’s stepmother Letecia Stauch. She killed Gannon Stauch and buried him. Get detailed information about the Stepmom Letecia Stauch’s Murder trial in this link.

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Letecia Stauch Wikipedia: FAQ

  • Who is Letecia Stauch? 

Step mother of Gannon Stauch.

  • Did Letecia Stauch Kill his stepson?


  • When Gannon Stauch was born?

Gannon Stauch was born on 2008.

  • When Gannon Stauch was missing?

27th January 2020

  • Is Letecia Stauch arrested for the crime?

Yes. Arrested and charged.

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