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In the below article, we will expose the Scam and give you all the details of negative factors in the domain.

Do you like to binge-watch movies and series on mobile and laptops? Are you bored of watching the same old digital platform to watch movies? A new platform for watching movies for free, is grabbing the public’s attention. However, it is a new platform; you can watch all genres of movies, web shows and cartoons from their domain. 

Multiple people from the United States have already registered on this platform and are enjoying the movies. However, the platform is legit, but some functions are not acceptable for a legit website. So we will help you disclose the Scam.

Disclaimer: We do not promote any website. We have no intention to harm anyone privacy. All the information available in the article is regarding scam and for informational purposes only.  

Legitimacy Of Domain is a legit website; all members who took the subscription can easily access the movies and web series. However, multiple floors on the website are breaking the audience’s trust in the domain. claims to provide five days of free enjoyment, and later you must pay the subscription charges of $49.95. However, customers are disappointed as it is very hard to cancel after taking the subscription. Moreover, the customer care helpline support is also not working, and people feel it is a scam. Reviews

People are utterly disappointed by the service of The users of have a similar complaint with the domain that if you take the subscription from the website, you cannot cancel it. As a result, many users have to block their credit card or bank account so that the website does not charge them money for subscriptions.

Additionally, there are many reviews in which people have stated that it is a fraudulent website and snatching money from users. Overall, the public is not happy with the website and its service, so they are posting comments on other social platforms regarding the legitimacy of the domain. Also, check safety tips against PayPal scams Scam: Social Media Link


(HBO) Max’s QR code redirects to a scam website
by u/CALL911imonfire in Scams

Final Verdict is the new domain for binge-watching movies and web series with a 5-day free subscription. However, multiple floors and negatives in the domain are pushing users away from its service. People believe the website, the scam, and they use their credit card details to withdraw all the money without concern. And, learn methods to protect yourself from Credit Card scams

Would you prefer such a platform for enjoying movies? Comment below. Scam: FAQs

Q1 When was created? 

The website was created on 6 January 2023.

Q2 What is the customer care number of

You can contact at +18664719677.

Q3 Can we deactivate our account on 

There is no option to deactivate the account.

Q4 Can we play games on 

The website claims to provide games, software, music and movies.

Q5 What are Reviews? has multiple negative reviews from customers.

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