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Ekart Customer Care Number (Aug) Coin Price, How to Buy

Here in this article, we will read about e kart and the Ekart Customer Care Number and several other details related to e kart.

Do you use Ekart for ordering your products? And want to know all the details and relevant information related to Ekart Customer Care Number, the service of Ekart is very famous and widely used all over India.

It is very necessary to know about the details of the delivery service provider so that you can remain updated with the details of your product and so that you can avoid all difficulties while receiving your product. So read the whole article to get all the details about the contact details of EKART.

What Is EKART?

It is a company that deals with the delivery and shipment of Indian products to the respective addresses, the headquarters of the EKART is located in the state of Karnataka and the city of Bangalore. And this company has its Ekart Customer Care Number. The number they have provided as their official contact number is +91 800 208 9898 after knowing the contact details and the customer care number of the E kart. We must know the details of the e kart logistics. 

Details About E kart Logistics:

E kart logistics is one of the leading logistics and supply chains; it was officially started in 2009 by Flipkart to provide excellent consumer services to its customers while delivering the products. The service of e kart logistics Is used to provide end to end service to its customers. Now let us have a look at the contact details of E kart logistics.

Ekart Logistics Contact Number:

There are three customer services numbers available about the logistics of Ekart, and they are.

  • +91 800 208 9898
  • +91 800 208 1888
  • +91 800 420 1111

These are the three contact numbers through which we can contact thee kart logistics and update the delivery of our products. And the address of the office is e kart, logistics, co. Office, first floor 22 near-global market sector 63 Noida 201301.

Details About The E kart Head Office: Let’s Read!

As we have already mentioned above in this article, the main headquarter or the base of E kart is situated in the state of Karnataka and the city of Bangalore, so now let us dig some more information about the location of its headquarters and Ekart Head Office Contact Number.

So the exact complete address of the headquarter is Brigade Manage Court, first-floor number 111. Koramangala industrial layout, Bangalore- 560-095, Karnataka. And the official contact details of the head office of e kart is given to be- +91 800 208 9898.


Here in this article, we will read about one of the biggest supply chains of Flipkart, which delivers products at a very steady speed to its customers. Basically, in this article, we have dealt with E kart and the Ekart Customer Care Number.

Have you ever received any product from E kart? If yes then tell us about the experience of delivery.

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