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Please read this composition to learn about the Teletic Token, which is a new initiative in the sphere of cryptocurrency, aiming to aid the telecom industry.

Ever imagined what all works behind connecting us to our family over the mobile phone? Of course, we, as consumers, enjoy surfing the Net and binge-watching our favorite shows at our comfort, but have you ever wondered how intricate and extensive the entire procedure is? The telecommunication industry is highly efficient, but at times, faces challenges that we are unaware of. 

In this article, we have discussed the Teletic Token, which has attempted to solve the issues encountered by the telecom industries worldwide, including the United States. 

About Teletic

Teletic is a vision in the cryptocurrency ecosystem that aims at providing a decentralized portal for the direct interaction of wireless service providers. It is grounded on the Ethereum blockchain owing to its reliability in the marketplace.

Many customers, even in this day and age, are detached from the useful Internet. Teletic’s mission is to solve the hindrances faced by mobile operators in reaching out to customers. The operators can also perform secured transfers via the Teletic Token, abiding by the protocols in Web 3.0.

Assistance by Teletic to Telecom 

Teletic provides solutions to the technical problems that mobile companies face in their operation. The support systems are simply comprehensible and software-oriented. These include

  • Enhancement of billing processes
  • Providing soft-switches concerning the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Developing the Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) servers
  • Offering security against cyber fraudulence
  • Providing routers for handling traffic

Through the platform of Teletic, the mobile operator companies can interact with each other without involving third-party mediators or complicated unions. In addition to the aids mentioned above, Teletic shall also offer marketing resources to develop its telecom partners. 

About the Teletic Token

The native token of Teletic, symbolized as $TELT, will be used for carrying out the transactions related to mobile money. The telecom operators can stake the token using the Teletic wallet at an annual rate of 21.55%. 

The wallet shall hold the information related to the exchanges between different blockchains.  To ease the understanding of the tokenomics, the team of Teletic has decided to fix the post-decimal point digits of the statistical data of this token to two, unlike other crypto-tokens that have multiple digits after the decimal. The total supply of these tokens shall be 100 billion TELT. 

Access to the TELT tokens

Teletic shall soon announce its crowd sale wherein investors can buy the Teletic Token online with the help of Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain blockchains. After the crowd sale, the tokens shall be formally enlisted in the crypto market. 

Joining the Bridges

With the surge of new crypto tokens introduced frequently, there have been many instances of scamming and loss of assets. This has led to wariness towards virtual money. Teletic wants to help alleviate these doubts that people have about cryptocurrency. 

Through its indigenous token and wallet, Teletic shall include other cryptocurrencies in its system and benefit its users by the utilities of blockchain-based mobile transactions in a secured manner. The usage of the Teletic Token will also bypass the KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements of different cryptocurrencies, as the same details shall already be available in Teletic’s records. 

The Concluding Thoughts

Teletic promises to grant a secure platform for the transactions of mobile money. The TELT tokens will be provided to the associated mobile service providers at no charges after the initial sale. Furthermore, once the companies are entirely connected with Teletic, they can withdraw their funds at any time through their wallets. You can go through here on Teletic’s technicalities and more information about the Teletic Token.

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