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Know whether Star Atlas Crypto is listed on any trading sites or not. When Will this crypto be traded, and in which trading site? Read here.

There is hype worldwide concerning the blockchain platform games, which are launching now and then.

Let us uncover each information of Star Atlas Crypto here. Do check every single detail if you are finding yourself more concerned about the knowledge relating to Star Atlas Coin. The novel technology had transformed its platform into the gaming industry too. This helps combine the gaming industry with the NFTs through the metaverse concept.

About Star Atlas Coin:

Star Atlas is based on blockchain, space-themed and is a video game with a grand strategy formed on Solana’s blockchain. This gaming platform explores more current technology breakthroughs using the unreal 5’s engine nanite, which helps create good quality cinematic video games and other visual experiences.

Star Atlas Crypto players can obtain, trade, and create the NFTs, the non-fungible token available within Star Atlas’s universe. Thus it will be enjoyable to explore the economy, which reflects ownership, value and tangibility of the practical world assets.

This is based on the platform called Solana Blockchain. Therefore this stands to benefit the network throughput, which supports 50,000 TPS which is extremely high.

Founder Of Star Atlas Coin

The star Atlas Coin is said to be founded by Michael Wagner, its CEO. The Star Atlas Crypto operation head is Deb Lucas. The other founder name of this coin is COO Pablo Quiroga.

Before discovering star Atlas, the founder worked at a VC fund and in the Multichain venture. This company focuses on offering blockchain-focused products.

IEO Information Of Star Atlas 

The coin for sale: TBA

ICO price: $0.001380

Soft Cap: TBA

Fundraising goal: TBA

Personal Cap: 180,000 Atlas each ticket 

When Will The Trading Of Star Atlas Crypto Begin?

A notice was issued stating the Atlas will allocate a dollar one million via initial offering exchange in August. Additionally, $500,000 will be distributed on a decentralized exchange platform on the Raydium.

More Information On Star Atlas Crypto

Star Atlas Coin aims to provide a metaverse immersive gaming experience that combines a central gaming quality experience and other several genres. This helps in earning virtual assets, which can be exchanged via practical life currency.

The Coin plans at giving high competition by outperforming itself in several other areas. For example, it’s noted that so far, no other blockchain altcoin combines so many different play games as the Star Atlas does.

How To Purchase Star Atlas Coin?

Well, soon, the Coin will be placed on the trading exchange for sale. Thus one can follow similar steps as we follow for buying other altcoins. But make sure to note the proper contract address of the Star Atlas Crypto. 

Currently, Star Atlas is not listed on any trading exchange websites. However, once the Coin gets listed, you may easily get it via any exchange platform and store it in any secured wallet.

You can search out the list of Atlas Coin exchanges where one can trade, sell and buy Atlas Coin.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Who is the star Atlas Coin founder?

Ans. Michael Wagner is the CEO of star Atlas Coin

  1. Where will this token be traded?

Ans. Raydium and FTX will trade Atlas Coin

  1. Is this coin listed on any exchange today?

Ans. No


Star Atlas Crypto is inactive on exchanges for trading, purchase and sale. So, you will be notified when the Coin is set to be traded.

However, the above-presented notes will lead you through the complete concept of the Star Atlas Coin. But please make sure to read what you must know before investing in any Crypto coins.

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