Dnd To PHP 2021.

Dnd To PHP (July 2021) How To Buy? Contract Address

Dnd To PHP (July 2021) How To Buy? Contract Address >> The guide shares details about the RPG-style DeFi game and its value in Philippine Peso for a wise investment.  

Have you ever thought of playing an RPG game on Binance Smart Chain that Decentralized Finance backs? Yes, it is possible now with DungeonSwap App. It is the first-ever DeFi approved RPG game launched on Binance Smart Chain.

Players can now stake & earn DND tokens and get prepared for the adventures. It is to inform you that there are two Crypto tokens with the ticker symbol DND, but we are referring DungeonSwap and the Dnd to PHP value below.

It is the copious functional DeFi yielding farm and pool equipped to help earn DND tokens. It is the popular choice in the Philippines.

What is DND Token?

DND is the ticker symbol of the DungeonSwap token, the decentralized table-top RPG online game launched on the Binance Smart Chain. It features practical yield farming and earning DND and NFTs, and people in the Philippines are attracted to this game and the native token and want to learn about Dnd to PHP value.   

Apart from yield farming, the other attractive feature is the game referred to as “Boss Battleground” or “The Dungeon,” which is developed in adherence to the server to create user satisfaction with other monetary gains.       

The NFTs with the holders have higher impacts and positive effects on the results of the game battles, thereby supporting helpers to triumph the battle quickly. 

Who Founded DND?

DungeonSwap, the DeFi tabletop RPG style online game, is launched by renowned game developers inclined for RPGs and online games. Players would get the most out of conventional yield farming, where they hardly bother about the returns.

What is the DND Price Chart, Analysis, and Statistics?

Before learning the Dnd to PHP value, let us check the live market cap, price, and circulating supply of the DND token. 

The report shared on the platform shows that the token’s live price at the time of writing the post is $14.93. It registered a growth of 60.74% in the last 24 hrs. However, the trading volume of the DND token is $538 247. An increasing trend of 61.43% is noticed in trading volume in the past 24 hrs. 

No data was found for the live market capitalization of DND. The token is ranked #2844. The fully diluted market cap of the token is $14 030 477.43. The total circulating supply data is missing, and the maximum supply available is 939 961 DND.  

The Live Dnd to PHP Value

We have evaluated multiple currency conversion websites and collected vital data. As per one platform, the live value of DND in PHP is 803.09 Pilipino Peso. It means one DND is equal to 803.09 PHP.

On another conversion website, the value of one DND is 760.88 PHP, and you can see there is a massive fluctuation in value and hence check the PHP value before investment.    

How to Buy DND Token?

  • You have to download the digital wallet and add BNB to your wallet
  • Link the wallet to PanCakeSwap
  • Find the DND token using the contract address 0x14c358b573a4cE45364a3DBD84BBb4Dae87af034
  • Check the live Dnd to PHP value
  • Enter the amount you want to buy
  • Swap the BNB for DND on PanCakeSwap
  • Transfer the DND token to your wallet and hold  


Q1. Which is the Official Link of DND?

A1. https://dungeonswap.app/#/ is the official link of DND.

Q2. Which Contract Address to Use?

A2. You have to use 0x14c358b573a4cE45364a3DBD84BBb4Dae87af034 as the contract address.

Q3. What is the Market Rank of DND?

A3. Based on the market cap, the market rank of DND is #2844.


DungeonSwap is the RPG virtual game on Binance Smart Chain, and DND is the native token used in the game. Since you are aware of Dnd to PHP value, you can invest in the token and enjoy its rewards.

However, investors must check the PHP value of the token as it keeps fluctuating. It is also essential to know the best app for trading Cryptocurrency to avoid online scams. 

How many DND tokens do you hold? Would you mind sharing how you gained the token in the comment section?

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