Skill Crypto Blade Token 2021

Skill Crypto Blade Token (Aug) Prediction and Price

Skill Crypto Blade Token (Aug) Prediction and Price >> Are you an active trader? Are you looking for crypto earned based on skill? Then read this article in full.

Crypto has gained immense popularity all over the world. Crypto digital coins are used to buy goods and for other services. Cryptocurrency is based on cryptography which helps to secure your online transactions. The known cryptos are Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many are on the list.

This writing will explain a crypto, Skill Crypto Blade Token, and its trending news circulating all over Venezuela, the Philippines, Argentina, Spain, and Brazil.

About Skill Crypto Blade Coin:

Crypto blade token is named as Skill token as it earned by playing games, is the first Defi token which allows value to NFTs hence keep game’s fund within the liquidity pool. Cryptoblade games like Blacksmith, Combat, Plaza, and many others on their official site can play and earn coins. Players can craft weapons, defeat enemies and also trade their weapons on the market. The most profit-gaining traders are the players, as they are rewarded based on their skill and efficiency.  

Skill Crypto Blade Token Founders:

Skill token was developed by Riveted Game’s most experienced team of Daniel Karsai, Raymond Hammarling, and Kyle Kemp. The owner of crypto blades is Philip Devine. The riveted game company is an award-winning company and was founded in 2014.

Skill Token Price:

The price of the skill token was constantly rising for few days and held a rank #271 in the market. The current price list is as follows:

CoinMarket Cap- 

  • $143.43, is up by67.41% in last 24 hours. Trading volume is $29,307,626.

CoinGecko – 

  • $141.71, is up by 63.8% in last 24 hours. Trading volume is $77,297,378.


  • – $146.47, is up by 70.9% in last 24 hours. Trading volume is $29,260,100.

Supply and Market Cap:

The Skill Crypto Blade Token has a good circulating supply of 702,318. A maximum supply of 1,000,000 Skills. The coin has a live market cap of $101,370,544, can be purchased the coin on PancakeSwap V2, MEXC, PancakeSwap, LBank, and many other exchanges. The growth of the coin is very good, and people all over Venezuela, the Philippines, Argentina, Spain, Brazil are ready to invest money in it.

How To Buy Skill Crypto Blade Token:

Here are the few simple and easy steps.

  • Go to Binance.
  • Finish the KYC procedure and add your payment method on Binance exchange to buy BNB
  • Transfer the BNB into your Metamask wallet.
  • Connect it to PancakeSwap exchange.
  • Select Skill Crypto Blade Token and enter the contract address of the token.
  • Pay the amount and click on Swap. Read here to get more details:  

Price Prediction:

The price of the Skill Coin will go high in the future, and it was predicted to go up to $288.04 in 2023. Check the list below:

  • Jan 2023: $258.69
  • Mar 2023: $266.06
  • Jun 2023: $280.59
  • Sep 2023: $348.78
  • Nov 2023:$ 288.04


  1. What is the website of Skill Coin?


  1. Do the price of Skill coin go up in the future?

    Yes, based on prediction, the price will rise. Read How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency 2021.


Based on the above discussion on the topic of Skill Crypto Blade Token, we can say that the coin has good potential for growth in the future. We are not financial advisers, so we will ask our readers to do their research before investing money in crypto currencies. Have you earned Skill Token by playing games? If yes, do mention your experience with us.

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