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Della Vlogs Scam: Is Della A Pregnant? What is Her Age? Know Updated Reddit & Instagram Post!

Today’s Della Vlogs Scam write-up is about a couple cheated by a female who cheated many couples for adopting a child.

Did Della suffer from an adoption scam? A couple from the United States has described their encounter with an adopting fraud. The owners of Della Vlogs, YouTube channel, Dallin Lambert and Bella Lambert, were recently the victims of an adoption fraud. 

Many are in absolute astonishment as a result of identical videos spreading on the web. Online fans showed their backing for the social media personality pair following viewing a footage the pair recently published describing about Della Vlogs Scam.


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What was the scam experienced by Della Vlogs?

Following five years of unsuccessful reproductive attempts, the couple claims in the footage that they were intending for an adoption. After attempting IVF and other alternatives, they decided that adoption was the best option for growing their family.

Their Adopting was a scam, a clip that Dallin Lambert and Bella posted on May 24, 2023, to their channel on YouTube Della Vlogs that boasts over 1.4 million followers, has received 1.6 million viewers.

Why did Della Vlogs Scam occur?

Adoption was the solution Bella and Dallin arrived to following experimenting with IVF along with various alternatives. But things did not turn out the way they had hoped. Therefore, they wanted an alternative to get a child by any means. They kept searching for therapies, treatments, or other ways to get a child. 

After many attempts, they thought they would succeed in extending their family. But, their hopes perished when a woman cheated them. 

What was Bella and Dallin’s new plan of getting a child?

They discovered a woman posing as a twenty-year-old Age Southern Californian college student expecting “identical twin females.” In the shared footage, Bella explains that they were overjoyed since they had always fantasized of being parents to twins.

The adoption process of twins are “rare and numerous among” and are a popular approach used by scam artists to earn a substantial amount of money. As such, they may serve as a warning sign when ignored.

Was it a Della Vlogs Scam

Influencers Dallin and Bella, owners of Della Vlogs, the YouTube channel, lately come forward to admit that their adoptive procedure was a fraud. The couple planned for the adoption of two identical twin daughters and was getting ready for their arrival and they discovered they were conned.

What was the female’s reaction initially?

The female would often send Bella and Dallin texts incredibly deep, eloquent, and loving. They couldn’t believe the female had been deceiving to them. When they met the female after flying from Arizona, Bella claimed that she assured them that they would make wonderful parents. 

With teary eyes, she begged them to take care of them and told them why she was wishing for individuals to come along and described the couple as a blessing. But, it was the Della Vlogs Scam.

How did Bella now see the culprit female?

Bella now sees the female’s actions as “cruel,” as she suggested that both of them prepare their nursery so she could remain “far more secure.”

Dallin and Bella claimed to have interacted with this female on several occasions personally, to have taken childbirth education lessons with the lady, and to have spoken with an organization. But since the lady was sporting being and fooled them into getting Pregnant, it was claimed that the female was lying all the way through.

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Della Vlogs’ owners were recently cheated when they wished to get a child. A twenty years female cheated the couple trying to get a child after failed pregnancies. The scam was shared through a Della Vlogs’ channel video clip.

Are you following Della Vlogs? Share in the comment section how you would deal with such females.

Della Vlogs Scam: FAQS

Q1. What is Della Vlogs?

YouTube channel 

Q2. Why was a video shared on Della Vlogs?

Bella and Dallin shared the clip to prevent other families from being duped.

Q3. Did Bella and Dallin warn other couples and families?

Bella is among the members of prospective adopting parents group, and after consulting with the female, she assured each one of them that they were at her top list.

Q4. What did Bella and Dallin discover after contacting other families? 

Dallin and Bella contacted many other families the female had connections with; whereupon they discovered that, the fraudulent female had been deceiving a number of families.

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