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Natasha Fox Obituary: Who Was Natasha Fox Saskatoon? Explore Her Full Biography Along With Details Of Age, Parents, Net worth, Height & More

The article explains Natasha Fox and her family. The people can obtain the reason for the death and the investigations by reading Natasha Fox Obituary.

Do you know about Natasha? Who was she, and when she passed away? What was the cause of the death? Did you search for any information about Natasha? While searching, did you find any details about her? Natasha is from Canada, and she was a popular wrestler. Learn more details about Natasha and her loss by reading the article Natasha Fox Obituary below.


Who was Natasha?

Natasha was 33 years old. She was the mother of two children. Natasha was extremely energetic, full of existence, and simply delighted to participate in wrestling and every other activity Natasha participated in. Bradley, an outstanding coach for Sask Wrestling and an instructor for the senior team at the University of Saskatchewan Huskies, stated that She was just a pleasure to be around. She was a teacher, mother, wife, and world-class wrestler. Natasha died on May 24 2023. Her Biography is explained in the article.

What was the cause of her death?

The 33-year-old mother of two died Wednesday after colliding with a cement truck while riding her bicycle. Bradley said Fox and her two young sons were cycling to wrestling practice then. It had been a pleasure for them to come to the wrestling room daily with her. Family members were passionate about wrestling. Around 4 pm, something unimaginable happened at College Drive and Wiggins Avenue. She lost her life when a concrete truck collided with Fox’s bike. Her Age was 33 years.

Where and when the incident happened?

In addition to being an amazing mother and Catholic school teacher, Natasha Fox (Kramble) was an important member of the wrestling community. Saskatoon cyclist, 33 years old, died after being struck by a cement truck on May 24, 2023. According to authorities, the crash occurred at 4 pm. The two children who followed her mother were safe. No injuries for the Natasha Fox Saskatoon kids. The known person in the family took the kids away from the spot before the police arrived. 

Tributes from the beloved ones

Natasha’s colleagues and friends are saddened after hearing that her beloved one died. Natasha was very kind-hearted, and she kept her surrounding in a very pleasant manner. She was a skilled wrestler, and those who noted her service to the sport expressed their sorrow on social media. Natasha has over ten years of international experience, most recently competing in the 2021 World Championships. Natasha and Tod are the Parents of two children. 

Out of the 35 crashes they have recorded since 2022, the police claim that the mishap on Wednesday was the only one involving a cyclist that resulted in death. For many hours, traffic was diverted while police investigated the incident. It occurred during rush hour in one of the city’s busiest areas. 


  • Name: Natasha Fox
  • Born on: March 27 1990
  • Age: 33 years
  • Died on: May 24 2023
  • Club: Saskatoon Wrestling Club
  • Husband: Tod
  • Children: 2
  • Net Worth: Unknown
  • Height: unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Career: Teacher

Her loss is very hard for her family and friends to digest. The unexpected death leads to shock for many people. Height & More are not available anywhere on internet.

The information in the article is consolidated from the obtained trusted sources. All the details are for general purposes only. We do not promote any invalid information in the article.


As per online sources, Natasha died on May 24 2023. She was a cyclist and passed away after hitting a cement truck. She died on the spot, and further investigations are ongoing by the police department. The cause of the death was an accident. Get more details about Natasha online.

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Natasha Fox Obituary- FAQ         

Q1. When did Natasha pass away?

Natasha Fox passed away on May 24 2023.

Q2. What was Natasha’s age?

Natasha was 33 years old.

Q3. What was the cause of Natasha’s death?

The reason for the death of Natasha was while she was cycling, she hit the cement truck and lost her life on the spot.

Q4. Who was Natasha Fox?

Natasha was a school teacher and also popular in the Wrestling community.

Q5. When and where did the crash happen?

The crash occurred at 4 pm CST at one of the University of Saskatchewan’s Main entrances, Wiggins Avenue and College Drive. 

Q6. What was the Net Worth of Natasha?

The net worth of Natasha was unknown.

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