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[Updated] Dejanae Jackson Arrested: Is Arrest Made In Shanquella Robinson Case? Get Trending Instagram News Here!

Today’s news piece on Dejanae Jackson Arrested informs users if the warrant is being issued for Shanquella Robinson’s culprit. Read to know more.

What action is taken against Daejhanae Jackson? Why are social media platforms discussing Jackson? Is she responsible for Shanquella’s demise? On October 28, 2022, Shanquella Robinson boarded a flight with her friends bound for Cabo, Mexico. Twenty-four hours later, it was revealed that the entrepreneur had died.

Individuals all over the United States and other places were startled to view the widespread short video of the occurrence and experienced terrible anguish and anger for the culprit. Now let us check this news piece to learn more about Dejanae Jackson Arrested connection to the latest occurrence.  



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What is the latest occurrence in the Jackson case?

A warrant for the offender’s arrest has been filed following the release of a video claiming to depict one of the friends, purportedly Daejhanae Jackson, beating up Shanquella. As word of Shanquella’s murder circulated, images of her awful death appeared online. Jackson’s photo is being shared on Instagram and social media handles.

The video indicates a woman assaulting an undressed Shanquella Robinson. The travelers traveling with the victim remained in the room and recorded the heinous attack on camera.

Is there any Arrest In Shanquella Robinson Case?

It is unclear if the arrest of Jackson has been made. However, a warrant has been issued for the suspect. After Robinson’s friends’ names were revealed publicly, the six mates allegedly erased their profiles on social media. 

Despite the lack of several specifics surrounding Jackson, online users shared a screenshot of her LinkedIn profile on Twitter. It is important to note that the officials have confirmed the suspicion raised by users online that Dajanae was the assailant.

Know the cause of Shanquella’s demise?

Internet users appeared to believe that the comments given regarding the cause of Robinson’s demise were unclear. It is believed that a group of friends killed Shanquella Robinson. The video showing Dajanae punching Shanquella soon before she passed away lends credence to this accusation, which resulted in a warrant for Dejanae Jackson Arrested.

About Dejanae Jackson: 

According to Daejhanae Jackson’s LinkedIn account, she studied at the University of Winston-Salem State and defined herself as an “ambitious young healthcare worker.” According to her account, she is employed by Blue Rhino in Greensboro, North Carolina. 

The business touts itself as a “propane tank swap brand on its main site.” Considering the negative publicity and online fame Dejanae has amassed, it is doubtful whether the business currently employs her.

What information was given to Shanquella’s family? 

Shanquella’s friend Khalil informed her parents, Salamondra and Bernard that Shanquella had passed away from excessive liquor consumption. 

Shanquella’s mother, Salamondra, disclosed that the FBI had found that Shanquella had a shattered neck and spine. Her sister Quilla Long expressed doubt about the group of friends as well. Investigations are still ongoing to determine what led to Shanquella Robinson’s death. So, they want Dejanae Jackson Arrested.

Quick Wiki

Although Shanquella Robinson’s death made Daejhanae Jackson well-known and prominent, her full, personally identifiable information is not shared. With web access to her LinkedIn profile, the following details could be discovered:

  • – Name- Daejhanae Jackson
  • – Accused of- Killing Shanquella Robinson  
  • – Practitioner- Aspiring healthcare professional at Blue Rhino
  • – Age- 25 to 26 years
  • – Education- Winston Salem University
  • – Nationality and Birthplace- Unknown. 
  • – Relationship status- unknown

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Daejhanae Jackson is a healthcare professional serving Blue Rhino. Her arrest warrant has been issued for attacking and murdering Shanquella Robinson. The video clip of her beating and thrashing Shanquella is publicly disclosed.

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Dejanae Jackson Arrested: FAQS

Q1. Who is Jackson Daejhanae?

Daejhanae Jackson, a friend of Shanquella Robinson, is a healthcare professional at Blue Rhino. 

Q2. What is Daejhanae Jackson accused of?

Daejhanae Jackson slain Shanquella Robinson after viciously attacking her.

Q3. What happened to Shanquella after the attack?

Daejhanae Jackson assaulted Shanquella Robinson, who could not survive after being brutally attacked.

Q4. When did Shanquella die?

Shanquella Robinson died on October 28, 2022.

Q5. Where did Dejanae kill Shanquella?

Cabo, Mexico, is where Dejanae killed Shanquella Robinson.

Q6. Was Shanquella Robinson a businesswoman?


Q7. Is Dejanae Jackson Arrested?

The arrest warrant for Jackson has been issued.

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