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[Updated News] Clarence Gilyard Jr Cause Of Death: Explore Complete Detail On His Wikipedia, Wife, Biography, Age, Parents, Net Worth, & More

This post on Clarence Gilyard Jr Cause Of Death will explain all the details about the famous actor.

Do you know Clarence Gilyard? Do you know that he passed away recently? The death of the actor has just been announced recently. People from the United States, Canada, and Australia are searching for the reason for the death of Clarence Gilyard Jr. In this post, we will be explaining all the details related to Clarence Gilyard Jr Cause Of Death, so please keep reading this article.


Clarence Gilyard Cause of Death, how did he die?

Clarence Gilyard Jr has been known for his roles in films like Die Hard, Matlock, and Walker Texas Ranger. Clarence worked as a film and theater professor at the University of Nevada for 15 years. At the Age of 66, he was a very hardworking person. The University of Nevada has announced his death.

On 28th November 2022, Clarence Gilyard’s death was announced on social media. The death cause was not declared on the post. However, it was reported that Clarence was suffering from a long illness. Besides this, there are no more details about the reason for the death of Clarence Gilyard Jr. Read further for Clarence’s Biography.


Clarence Gilyard Cause of Death, how did he die

Clarence Gilyard Jr Obituary, Passed Away, and Funeral:

Clarence Gilyard Jr was known for his excellent contribution to several films. He was loved by his University students and his friends and family. Recently, people have been paying tribute to Clarence Gilyard Jr and are talking about how he was a fantastic actor and will be missed. Besides this, Clarence’s family have not released any details. His family is having a hard time and grieves about Clarence’s death. The funeral and burial details are not decided yet by the family.

Clarence Gilyard Jr Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter account:

Clarence Gilyard Jr was a famous actor and University professor with a Net Worth of $5 million. However, he was not active on any social media platforms. We just found his Twitter account, and he posted something there in 2016. Besides this, there are no details about his other social media platforms. However, people are pouring their tributes on social media platforms and talking about his contribution to many award-winning films. Clarence’s Parents were also very proud of his acting in films. Also, Clarence’s students talked about his kind behavior and how he was one of the best professors in the University. The University students and the university dean also said he was highly hardworking and dedicated. 

Was Clarence Gilyard Jr married?

Clarence was married to Catherine Dutko but ended up in a divorce. After that, in 2001, he married to named Elena Castillo. 

Clarence Gilyard Jr Wikipedia, Personal Life:

Real name  Clarence Darnell Gilyard Jr
Nickname Clarence Gilyard Jr
Profession University professor, actor, and author
Date of Birth 24th December 1955
Date of Death 28th November 2022
Age 66 years old
Birthplace Moes Lake, Washington, United States
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Nationality American
Cause of Death Long illness
Marital status Married
Wife Elena Castillo
Children Six

Clarence Gilyard Jr Ethnicity, Nationality, and Religion:

Clarence was born in America, so he was American. His religion is not confirmed, but he was most probably a Christian.

Social media links

People have been paying tributes to Clarence Gilyard Jr on various social media platforms.

The social media account of Clarence Gilyard Jr

Final words

To summarize this post, we can say that we have explained Clarence’s personal life about him in this post. Also, it is unfortunate that such a fantastic professor and acting legend passed away this early. We hope Clarence’s family finds the strength to move on from this heartbreaking news. Please visit this page to learn more about Clarence Gilyard Jr 

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Clarence Gilyard Jr Cause Of Death – FAQs

Q1. Who was Clarence Gilyard Jr?

Clarence Gilyard Jr was an actor, University professor, and author.

Q2. Which are the most famous films of Clarence Gilyard Jr?

Clarence Gilyard Jr was famous for his appearances in Die Hard, Matlock, and Walker Texas Ranger.

Q3. How did Clarence Gilyard Jr die?

Clarence Gilyard Jr died because of a long illness.

Q4. When did Clarence Gilyard Jr die?

Clarence Gilyard Jr died on 28th November 2022.

Q5. How many kids does Clarence Gilyard Jr have?

Clarence Gilyard Jr has six children.

Q6. Did Clarence have a Girlfriend?

Clarence was just married in 2001. 

Q7. How old was Clarence Gilyard Jr?

Clarence Gilyard Jr was 66 years old.

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