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Dball Coin (Aug) Price, How to Buy? Contract Address

Dball Coin (Aug) Price, How to Buy? Contract Address >> If you are wondering about the crypto-currency which represents the dragon ball community, then you must read this blog for accessing its necessary details.

Ever been in your mind about the crypto-currency, which is inspired by the well-known anime film? Well, today, this post will deal with the Dball Coin details.

This coin is commonly known in Vietnam by the name as Dragon Ball Coin. While the crypto market are growing every day, offering additional features to people. And providing an altcoin that represents the dragon ball community is another feature included in the digital coin platform.

Thus, users can easily access the data showing information of this coin below!

What Dball Crypto Coin?

Dball is a crypto token that is known by the other name as a dragon ball token. This is because of being inspired by the famous film anime and DragonBall Manga. 

The Dball Coin will make your dream come true if you use it. This is a new fan token that is considered the first ever Crypto Coin representing the community of the Dragonball present all around. The Coin is claimed to be a deflationary one which implies that DB Coin holders can collect more tokens automatically by holding the token in the wallets for a longer time.

You can receive a five percent fee from each transaction of selling and buying on the network of Dball Coin. The longer one holds down this coin, the additional benefits they will receive.

Founder Of Dball Coin:

No clear answer of the token founder name is currently updated. But there is a brief statement of Dragon Ball by Molly Jane Zuckerman. This statement might be true, revealing the founder name of this token.

Dragon Price Live Data:

The live worth of DragonBall Coin currently is $0.105217 today. The live trading volume for twenty-four hours is not available.

The token is increased up by 0.01% in the previous twenty-four hours. The Coin market cap rank currently is #5453. The data doesn’t reveal the supply Information of the Dball Coin 

Dragonball Coin Overview:

  • Price: $0.0042
  • Total Supply: 4,203,145.69059
  • Transfers: 221,025
  • Holders: 623 address 
  • Fully diluted market cap: $17,837.37

Profile Summary:

  • Contract address: 0xceb2f5e9c7f2d3bcd12a7560d73c56f3396af3f9
  • Decimals: 18
  • Official website: https://www.dragonballfinance.org/

Dragon Price Statistics:

  • Dragonball price: $0.1052
  • 24h Price change: $0.0000004348
  • 24h high: $0.1052
  • 24h low: $0.1052
  • 24 hours trading volume: no data 
  • Market cap/volume: no information 
  • Market rank: #5453

Dball Token Supply Information:

  • Circulating supply: not known 
  • Total Supply: 1750
  • Maximum supply: not known 

How To Buy Dragonball Crypto Coin?

Following are the steps to step guide that will help you get Dball Coin 

Step1: Join Kraken and sign up

Step2: Transfer Bitcoin or Ethereum to any of the cryptocurrency exchange 

Step3: Locate the Dragon ball token 

Step4: Buy the Dragon ball Coin

Step5: Lastly, you may withdraw this token.

For the detailed study of the steps, read: 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What’s the full name of the Dball token?

Ans. Dragonball Coin 

  1. What’s the total supply of Dragon?

Ans. 1750

  1. What’s the official website of Dragonball Coin?

Ans. https://www.dragonballfinance.org/

  1. What is the worth of one Dragonball currently?

Ans. $ 0.105217


Well, that’s it, you must be aware of Dball Coin. All the relevant discussions of the token is displayed clearly in the blog above. Also, you can access the steps guide for buying this coin above.

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