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Coinary Hub (Aug) How to Buy? Token Price & Prediction!

Coinary Hub (Aug) How to Buy? Token Price & Prediction! >> Do you want to earn money while playing games in crypto? The article discusses a digital currency-based platform. Check out to learn more.

Have you heard about cryptocurrency lately? This medium of exchange has become infamous for a while now. However, it is an easier, more secure and fraud free way of payment. Hence it’s demand. 

There seems to be a variety of currencies, with each having a different value and features. Today we will discuss Coinary Hub, which extends its service to the Philippines and Venezuela, among other countries.

What is Coinary Hub Token?

The Coinary Token ($CYT) is a token based on the ERC-20/BEP-20 standard. It is famous among users in Argentina and Spain. Within the Coinary universe, including a game called Dragonary, this token is used as a cryptocoin, also known as the main token. 

The token, $CYT, is used for all purchases in the game and other Coinary games. All purchases in Dragonary and other Coinary games are made with this token. The cryptocurrency received from Coinary consumers is translated to $CYT and deposited into each user account selling items on the marketplace.

About Coinary Hub Founders

Coinary’s team has extensive experience in both the blockchain and gaming industries. Combining these two elements was a sure shot success in the cryptocurrency industry. The quality of Dragonary reflects their years of experience. Both the founders are highly skilled and motivated individuals.

Coinary Coin Price chart

The present value of the $CYT token is $0.3288. There’s been a steady increase in its pricing. The chart has been fluctuating irregularly for the past hour. We advise our readers to analyse the market well before investing. Their official website claims to release 25% of tokens right after the Initial Ape Offering (IAO), and the other 75%, released prior three months. Read on to know more about Coinary Hub.

About Coinary Coin Statistics

It’s important to remember that the Coinary Token is limited to no more than 70% of the tokens, which will be distributed to participants. They’ve established a system for halving, similar to Bitcoin’s, where the token output is divided in half to motivate and reward the users. As a result, the first participants will receive more coins due to their participation in the game. 

Upon search, many internet users have claimed the website and token to be a scam. And looking at the Price chart, investing in this particular cryptocurrency isn’t advisable. So if you ever come across Coinary Hub, beware!

Info about Coinary Token Supply

On the Callisto Network Website, the Coinary Token has a supply of 500,000,000 CYT and has 9875 holders. We found 8,046 transactions as cited on Binance. Coinary Coin’s contract address is 0x6182d2cd59227c20B486a53976dcEeAF38e76Eed

How to Buy Coinary Token? A Perfect Guide With Trustwallet

  1. Download and register yourself on the trustable wallet.
  2. To download and register the profile, you can use any trustworthy wallet.
  3. Finally, we must register to buy Coinary Token and purchase the Binance currency on the marketplace.
  4. We’ll put that BNB in the bank account.
  5. Throughout the final stage, trade the BNB for the Coinary coin from Coinary Hub.


  1. What is the launching date?

Saturday, August 7th is the release date at 16:00 UTC.

  1. What is the token price of CYT?

The token price is $0.01 per $CYT

  1. How are the tokens paid?

They are paid with BNB 

If you come across any cryptocurrency scams, read Common Cryptocurrency Scams And How To Avoid Them.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Coinary Token is a new cryptocurrency with a unique combination. It merges its services with the gaming world, which is all the rage now. But, many online users find it to be a scam. This article about the Coinary Token  sheds light on its details.

Have you ever used Coinary Hub? We would love to know more in the comments below. 

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