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Drakeball Token (Aug 2021) Price, Chart & How to Buy?

Drakeball Token (Aug 2021) Price, Chart & How to Buy? >> Get The basic idea of the crypto token which facilitate play to earn feature to the crypto-currency investors.

Many of Vietnam and other countries’ investors are Crypto freaks. So it might pretend to be true about the play to earn features added in the crypto-currency market. Yes! You read right. There are lots of altcoins that avail this feature to crypto-currency investors across the world.

Thus the Drakeball Crypto Coin is one of them which presents the feature of play to earn. Before swapping this coin, try to glance over the notes representing the token facts, its smart contract address, and more of its essential data below.

Let’s learn!

What Is Drakeball Crypto Coin?

Drakeball digital coin leverage a model of play to earn by providing DBALL using the gameplay. This also gives values to the player in NFTs. This is being done by adding their use using the future feature.

One may trade NFTs for free in the marketplace available for Drakeball Crypto or Dball token. After this, it can be traded on the exchange platform or converted into fiat currency.

As for now, the options available to the users to earn this coin are:

Taking part in the fight by the use of the Drake Claws and character equipped with NFTs for the Dball 

Collecting Drake claws, capsuling characters, and then putting them for sale against DBALL in the marketplace 

Trading NFTs along with the other players to get BEP-20 tokens DBALL exchange on the DEX for the currency which has to be traded on the CEX

Drakeball Crypto Token Overview:

  • Drakeball Price: $0.00
  • Total supply: 1,000,000 DBall
  • Holders: 2,704 addresses 
  • Transfers: 97,918

Profile Summary:

  • Smart contract address: 0x088bebef4e371757509e64d3508b6da6f376e2ac
  • Decimals: 18
  • Social Profiles: No updates 

Other Data Of Drakeball Crypto:

  • Users 24h: 7,474
  • Transactions 24h: 10,766
  • Volume 24 hours: $12,748,181
  • Games: 327
  • VW Building: 18
  • NFTs: 23828
  • Tokens: 11033

Drakeball Coin Public Sale Announcement:

Well, be ready, guys, if you want to participate in the Sale of Drakeball. The Drakeball Crypto is available for Sale from the 5th of August. Now anyone can participate in this Sale by filling up the required form.

Who Is The Founder Of Drakeball Coin?

Well, the Drakeball Coin founder and CEO is not revealed in the media yet. People search for its founder and founding team, but there is not enough information about the Drakeball Founders.

General Steps To Purchase Crypto Coin:

Well, there are General steps to purchase any Crypto Token. Give a read below. The following steps might also help in buying Drakeball Crypto 

  • Create an account in the coinbase 
  • Select the option purchase or sell present on the right-hand corner 
  • Tap on the options Buy Field for opting the assets which you like to purchase 
  • Fill in the amount you as per your desire to purchase any Crypto Token 
  • Choose any payment options available 
  • Click on Preview Buy to confirm the purchase 
  • At last, click on Buy to get complete with the buying process 

Visit the official Twitter page of Drakeball Coin

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Who is the founder of Drakeball Coin?

Ans. No updates are available 

  1. What’s the contract address of this coin?

Ans. 0x088bebef4e371757509e64d3508b6da6f376e2ac

  1. Is the live price data of Drakeball Coin available?

Ans. No, currently, its live price details are not found.


Drakeball Crypto is, of course, a play to earn Crypto Coin. This presentation above provides the basic insight facts of the Coin. However, the Coin lacks the updates of its founder name currently. Best Apps For Cryptocurrency Trading:

If you want to share more information about Drakeball Coins. Comment down!

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