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Coin Frenzy Scam: Is This A Real or Fake? Also Find Detailed Review Here

We bring to you details about trending game on Android platform in this Legit Review to check is Coin Frenzy Scam Real or Fake.

There are many reasons people want to play casino games online and on mobile phones in United States. Some play it in their free time, while others make it their primary source of income! Let’s learn more in this article to check is Coin Frenzy Scam.

Revealing Coin Frenzy Scam:

Coin Frenzy game has been flagged as inappropriate on Google Play Store recently. Due to this, though Google Play listed game, it disabled installation button! Currently, users cannot import game. Hence, it is assumed that Coin Frenzy users were victims of betting scams and reported it on Google Play.

Coin Frenzy includes ads and requires in-app purchases! is listed as official website of Phantom Walkers, game developer. However, displayed 1348 sponsors of Coin Frenzy. 

Is Coin Frenzy Real or Fake? is not official website for Coin Frenzy (or) Phantom Walkers. Additionally, customer service email – is generic and free email service, which raises questions about its authenticity.

Additionally, when Coin Frenzy was listed on Google Play, user reviews and comments were publicly accessible. But, currently, user comments about game are also censored. However, users still continue to install Coin Frenzy from third-party unauthentic websites. 

Is Coin Frenzy Legit?

When game was launched on 24th July 2023, Google Play had ranked Coin Frenzy as #36 in casino games and 3/5 stars rating, which was predicted to increase by +2 rank. Users started rating game in September 2023. 

On Google Play, number of imports of application remains stagnant at 100K+ installs. But, as users are able to find Coin Frenzy on third-party websites, number of instillation of Coin Frenzy is estimated to be 200K+.

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Coin Frenzy Review:

Among all Android casino games, users ranked it at #34. Among Android games, Coin Frenzy had gained 2,649 positions on 8th/September/2023. By 6th/October/2023, overall position of game increased to 1,256!

At present, Coin Frenzy is ranked 1,256 among all Android apps in USA, #4,325 in Canada, and #4,982 in UK. Ranking of Coin Frenzy, specifically in casino game category, also increased to #12 in USA, #32 in Canada and #30 in UK. 

Coin Frenzy Review due to import from different platforms:

Though Google Play does not allow Coin Frenzy to be imported, game reached #12 position in casino games, with predictive decrease in its rank by (-1). However, due to users flagging game as inappropriate, rank and ratings of game on Google Play are currently censored.

How does Coin Frenzy work?

The user has to simply click on game screen to let coins on slot machine pushed into his kitty, considered to check Is Coin Frenzy Legit? number of coins gained is offered as real money for withdrawal via PayPal and Cash App. While playing game, user also receives several rewards and stands in form of money getting credited to his wallet.

The user is also offered coins, money, and level-ups for watching 40+ sponsored ads, smashing piggy banks, spinning lucky wheels, collecting items, and scratching lucky cards.

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Coin Frenzy is possibly scam, and answered is Coin Frenzy Real or Fake. Several users stated that it does not pay money. As per sources, there is 1.55% commission and 50% fee for offers and discounts. So, user loses 56.55% of his earnings. Coin Frenzy opted for extensive advertisements stating that game is ad-free, no purchase required, and earn $600 daily and up to $18K monthly, which seems a false claims.

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