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Impellam Group Whatsapp Scam: Grab More Details On Recruitment Group Caroline

We bring to you a detailed analysis of Recruitment Impellam Group Whatsapp Scam Caroline to know more details about fraudulent job postings.

Did you know that Impellam Group is a reputed recruitment agency? Did you know that it has a Worldwide presence, specifically in North America, Europe, Australasia, and Asia Pacific region? Did you know about a message circulating on WhatsApp, which is considered a Impellam Group Whatsapp Scam?

Details of Impellam Group Whatsapp Scam:

An alert about Impellam Group scam was posted on 6th/October/2023 on Reddit community pages – @r/askTO. @u/derpyvoice contributed message to community pages and also included it on his personal Reddit account.

Unlike other recruitment scam alerts posted on Reddit, @u/derpyvoice did not include a screenshot of WhatsApp message he had received from Impellam Group. Instead, @u/derpyvoice all efforts to type/paste content of WhatsApp messages on his Reddit pages.

The content of message shows that he was contacted by Caroline, who introduced herself as a recruiter at Impellam Group. Impellam Group Caroline stated that Impellam Group had received @u/derpyvoice’s application and if he was still interested in getting job.

Caroline informed that they have part-time and full-time jobs. Age of candidate should be 22+ years, candidate should have a device with internet connectivity, candidate can set his own targets and working hours, job profile is related to – Optimize Data (Non-technical), which can be done from a remote location.

The message was suspicious as it offered basic salary+commission. For a part-time job and five working days, salary ranged between $1,300 to $2,600. 

Impellam Group Caroline tempting offers:

For full-time and thirty days working, a whooping package between $13,000 and up to $39,000 was offered! Such an enormous package of up to $39K is unrealistic, suggesting that Caroline may be scamming candidates. 

However, Caroline did not ask for personal or payment information in WhatsApp message. She did not provide any unauthentic third-party website links to fill in any data.

After giving details of job profile, Caroline requested permission from @u/derpyvoice to let concerned recruiter contact him with more details. @u/derpyvoice was okay to be contacted. Caroline informed that a recruiter would contact him within next 48-hours.

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Awaiting details on Impellam Group Recruitment:

The weekend has started. So, we may hear some more updates by next Tuesday or Wednesday if @u/derpyvoice was contacted. Redditors would be curious to know what was further conversation about, as @u/derpyvoice did not confirm blocking or reporting Caroline’s contact number.

@u/derpyvoice’s post did not include details of contact number of sender, which makes it impossible to know more about Caroline. Further, @u/derpyvoice requested Redditors to advise about legitimacy of message. As of writing, there were 38 comments in less than 14-hours. All comments suggested that message was a recruitment scam.

Avoiding Impellam Group Recruitment Scam:

Impellam Group also posted an alert about such WhatsApp messages on 19th/July/2023 on their website. Therefore, it can be assumed that Impellam Group became aware of such messages circulating on WhatsApp prior to July/2023. 

Impellam Group advised candidates to forward such a message to 7726 and report it as a scam. Therefore, as per advice from Impellam Group, such WhatsApp messages are recruitment fraud.

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The @r/askTO community pages have 201K+ members. Hence, @u/derpyvoice’s post spreads rapidly. It is good that people are coming to know about such Impellam Group Whatsapp Scam. While some business accounts use WhatsApp and other social media platforms for sending genuine messages, Impellam Group stated that their team does not contact candidates on WhatsApp!.

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