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Brittany Pietsch, a former sales employee of Cloudflare, posted a TikTok video of her allegedly senseless termination, which went viral in United States. The video has received over 300,000 views till now.

Pietsch said in a follow-up LinkedIn post that the conversation left her feeling like she was “in the twilight world” and that she would never be able to process all of the “cold, unexplainable” firings she has come across later on.

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Brittany Pietsch LinkedIn Post

Brittany Pietsch posted on LinkedIn expressing her disbelief and frustration, questioning why she was not given specific reasons for being fired, notably since she claimed her manager had only given her positive feedback.

Brittany Pietsch LinkedIn Post

Pietsch also expressed her frustration with the abrupt and impersonal nature of the termination process, pointing out that people may become traumatized if they do not receive sufficient explanation. Pietsch also expressed her dissatisfaction with the lack of closure and clarity, suggesting that the termination had a significant and unsettling impact on her life.

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Brittany Pietsch TikTok Video

Brittany Pietsch, who started working at Cloudflare in August, recorded her dismissal from the company without providing clear explanations. The two Cloudflare representatives, Rosie from HR and a man named Dom, cited performance issues for Pietsch’s termination in 2023. Still, when Pietsch pressed for details, they offered dismissive corporate speak, referring to a “collective calibration for Brittany Pietsch Cloudflare.” 

Brittany Pietsch TikTok Video

Pietsch demanded information about her performance throughout the nine-minute video, but she still needed to get it. She emphasized finishing a successful onboarding period and earning praise from her manager. The video has gone viral, generating questions about fair and transparent termination procedures in the corporate world.

Brittany Pietsch Cloudflare Statements

In response to Brittany Pietsch’s termination video, Cloudflare released a statement emphasizing that they were not carrying out layoffs or using a reduction of force. The company stated that termination decisions are based on assessing their ability to meet measurable performance targets. 

Brittany Pietsch Cloudflare Statements

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The Cloudflare CEO, Matthew Prince, said letting go of 40 salespeople was normal. He didn’t like the video being shared often, and he admitted the company made a mistake. He talked about how they try their best to make decisions, but sometimes it’s hard. He stressed that managers should be part of these decisions about employees.

Brittany Pietsch TikTok and Social Media

Linkedin ID

SMB Attorney Posted Video on Twitter– 

Statement of Mattew Prince, CEO of Cloudflare, after this Viral Video

Online, there is a lot of anger surrounding Brittany Pietsch’s termination from Cloudflare. Many people also need clarification on whether the company is truthful about performance issues. These conversations about workplace justice also spark much debate about how companies should treat their workers better and be open about the reasons behind their terminations on social media..


In the conclusion, Brittany Pietsch LinkedIn video raised concerns about fair treatment in the workplace; Cloudflare acknowledged that mistakes were made and that making decisions may be challenging; this circumstance serves as a reminder to improve workplace communication; employers should be straightforward and respectful toward their staff.

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