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Do you recall the incident of 2013 of Octavio Da Silva? The video of this incident went viral in the Philippines and the United States. The trending Video Octavio Da Silva Referee has shocked everyone and people could not believe such an incident on the soccer ground. In this article, we will update you with the authentic news of this event that has shaken the world. Kindly read this post and know the complete truth of this event. 

About Video Octavio Da Silva Referee

As per online sources, the video which is quite old started Trending on social platforms. The videos belong to a 2013 incident at the soccer playground in which a referee was beheaded by the fans of the soccer player. As per reports, Octavio Da Silva was the referee of the soccer match. During the match, the referee engaged in an altercation with a soccer player, Josenir dos Santos Abreu. This altercation turned into the brutal death of Refree. During the altercation, the referee first attacked the player and then the fans of this player attacked the referee. Thus, this was the shocking incident of 2013.

Otávio Jordão Da Silva Video

The video of this 2013 incident surfaced on different social media sites. In this case, the referee, Octavio Da Silva engaged in some altercation with the player, Josenir Dos Santos. The referee took out his knife and stabbed the player. Moreover, watching this on the ground, the fans and family members of the player, Abreu came to the ground and chopped the legs of the referee and also beheaded him. They then placed the referee’s head on the pike. The video and graphics of this incident surfaced on many social media platforms and people are searching for these videos on different platforms.

Otávio Jordão Da Silva Video

Octavio Da Silva Arbitro Video Real

Many people are looking for the video on multiple sites. However, the video is not an appropriate video that could be shared openly on every social media site. Some online sites have shared blurred pictures of this incident and people can check out those blurred images. The pictures of the ground were shared online and were blurry images from the doctor’s treatment room where the nurse and doctors were holding the chopped parts of the referee’s body and carrying on their treatment. The video is not suitable to be published online with the people and it can have an adverse impact on the public.

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Octavio Da Silva Real Video

After knowing about the incident, we also checked social media sites like Twitter and Instagram and tried to find out if the videos and photos were present on such social media sites or not. But, we could not find the videos and photos of this incident on Twitter or Instagram. Moreover, some tweets can be seen on Twitter and the posts were shared by the users, but nobody has shared the viral video of Octavio. It might be because of the impact that such videos could pose on the general public. Octavio Da Silva Real Video can be checked on some sites which share uncensored videos especially those videos which are 18 plus. This video might have been posted after adding content privacy or age warning as sharing such videos is not suitable. This type of video can have a negative impact on people below 18 years old. 

Octavio Da Silva Real Video

Action by the Investigation team! 

This incident happened in Brazil and the police tried to find the people who had killed the referee. They also released a statement on the subject and told how local law enforcement is dealing with this case. Moreover, Octavio Da Silva Arbitro Video Real has not been shared on our channel. This contains uncensored graphics which may not be suitable. 


Summing up this research, we have shared all the details on the viral footage of Octavio Da Silva and how he was killed by the fans and family members of soccer player, Josenir dos Santos. 

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DISCLAIMER: We did not share the video because it contains disturbing graphics and images. It will be a violation of our privacy. 

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