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Bliss Heat Reviews {Nov 2023} Read Before Shopping!

We bring details of the performance, features, and drawbacks of a trending heater in this Bliss heat Reviews.

The chilling winter season has arrived in Canadathe United States, and the United Kingdom! And it’s going to last for months. Do you plan to buy a portable heater for a warm, cozy space when you are with family and friends during the upcoming festive season? Let’s check the details of the BlissHeat portable heater in this Bliss heat Reviews.

Brief Bliss heat Reviews:

BlissHeat is a portable heater that keeps you warm while saving energy. With expected high energy costs and a cold winter ahead, it’s essential to cut down on heating expenses. BlissHeat’s innovative technology, HeatLoop®, makes it eight times more efficient than regular heaters, ensuring large rooms stay warm for pennies a day. 

It’s compact, easy to use, and has safety features to give you peace of mind. Just plug it in, press a button, set your desired temperature, and experience quick warmth. BlissHeat is quiet, portable, and can heat most rooms in under 5 minutes, offering comfort with reduced energy use. Forget bulky heaters – BlissHeat is your efficient and cost-effective solution for a cozy winter.

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Bliss heat Reviews of its operation? 

  • To use BlissHeat, simply plug it in and press a button to start warming up your room.
  • Set your preferred temperature to high/low, or choose the temperature in degrees.
  • Set the timer to set BlissHeat operating time, and within minutes, enjoy the cozy warmth.

Caution: In case the power goes off, switch the BlissHeat off as the device will reset to default high mode, temperature in degrees, and continuous operation without time restriction.


  • Name: BlissHeat 
  • Buy at:
  • Price: $99.90.
  • Discounted Price: $49.95.
  • Discount percentage: 50%.
  • Package Includes: 1 x Bliss Heat.
  • Brand: BlissHeat.
  • Manufacturer: Unspecified.
  • Guarantee: 30-day money back.
  • Warranty: 2-years.
  • Bliss heat Reviews of Special offers: Buy two for $94.90 (52% discount), buy three for $134.88 (55% discount), buy four for $169.84 (58% discount), and buy five for $199.8 (60% discount).
  • Recommended Uses For Product: Office, small rooms, bathroom, kitchen, Etc.
  • Mounting Type: Power socket/Wall mount.
  • Product Type: Portable Plug-in Heater.
  • Material: ABS.
  • Power: 900W.
  • Voltage: 110-220V (50-60Hz).
  • Heating Mode: PTC.
  • Wind Speed Options: High/Low.
  • Timer: 1-12 hours.
  • Temperature Range: 15-32℃/59-89.6℉.
  • Cover Area: 6㎡/64.6sq.ft.


  • BlissHeat are energy-efficient
  • BlissHeat is space-saving, easy to move, and store
  • Simple controls make BlissHeat easy to use
  • BlissHeat comes with built-in overheating protection

Disadvantages determined in Bliss heat Reviews:

  • BlissHeat might not effectively heat larger spaces
  • BlissHeat distributes heat unevenly
  • Oscillation or remote control is not featured
  • BlissHeat resets if the power goes off and comes back

Is BlissHeat portable heater effective?

  • Let us review the BlissHeat brand and its portable heater to check if they are worth the money.

About brand:

  • BlissHeat is a generic brand.
  • No company details about BlissHeat were available.
  • gained poor 46% trust, 32% suspicion, 22% threat, 6% phishing, 22% malware, 1% spam, poor 48.5% business scores, zero Alexa rank, and a terrible 1% Domain Authority.
  • was launched on 21/September/2023 and will expire within 9-month and 22-days; considered in Bliss heat Reviews.
  • offered an unrealistic 75% discount (60% on five BlissHeat, 10% discount coupon, and 5% special discount).

About product:

  • BlissHeat is sold in several e-stores, including Amazon and eBay.
  • Several designs of portable heaters from BlissHeat were sold in e-stores.
  • BlissHeat is not marketed on social media.
  • featured Miqiko Heater from 11th/November/2023.
  • Customer reviews and ratings for BlissHeat were neutral.

Based on the above factors, BlissHeat is identified as a generic brand, and its portable heaters are genuine, but is possibly a scam.

Customer Bliss heat Reviews:

All product reviews on are rated positive and above 4.5/5-stars. Hence, such reviews are unrealistic. Click here to learn more about product legitimacy, as no individual has posted reviews or ratings about BlissHeat on e-stores or customer review websites. Six BlissHeat YouTube reviews suggest average performance and effectiveness.

Social media links:

  • is not present on social media. 
  • Blissheatofficial does not support blogging.


Poor trust, business, and considerable suspicion index, eight websites, one YouTube, and one Reddit review about indicate that it is possibly a scam. As BlissHeat is sold in e-stores, the product is genuine. However, due to the absence of BlissHeat’s company profile, Bliss heat Reviews identified BlissHeat as a generic and unauthentic brand. Therefore, buying BlissHeat from involves high-risk.

Were details of Bliss Heat informative? Please comment on this Bliss Heat review.

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