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[Updated] Angelina Chavez Torres: Who Was She, Check Details On Her Wiki, Biography, Age, Parents, Net Worth, and Husband!

This article about Angelina Chavez Torres informs you of details about Angelina Torres and how his son pays tribute to her.

Everyone has a different way of paying tribute to their loved ones, like an artist paying tribute through their form of art. Michael Torres has done the same by paying tribute to his mom with his film “Christmas with you”.

Have you watched this new film on Netflix? Are you curious about Angelina Chavez? People Worldwide have been searching for her since the film’s release. Please read this article about Angelina Chavez Torres until the end to detail everything about her.


What is the cause of the death of Angelina Torres?

Angelina Torres died in 2020, before the film’s release, so the director and the only son Michael Torres, released a film in which he gave tribute to his late mother, Angelina Torres. The cause of her death is unknown, as her family hasn’t spoken much about her death.

There is nothing to be shocked about when the story has a protagonist named Angelina. People are saying that the director might remember one Christmas with her.

BiographyAngelina Torres funeral:

Angelina Torres’s funeral consists of hundreds of people. All her close ones are present there, including her daughters, Sylvia brill, Annamarie Ybarra, Angelina cannon, Elsa Torres, Yolanda Torres, and German Torres, the only son of Angelina Torres. she has eight grandchildren, and all of them were present in the funeral while remembering Torres before she rests in peace. Her grandchildren were named tony, Hannah, Angie, Brian, Joshua and Isabella. It is great to see all members there, including five great-grandchildren. all mourn over her death and sweep their tears.

Angelina Torres Wiki:

Real Name Angelina Chavez Torres
Nick Name Unknown
Date Of Birth 2 October 1938
Age 81
Nationality American
Profession Unknown
Parents Octaviano Chavez, Soledad Chavez
Children 6 Children
Partner German Torres
Net worth unknown

How do people know that the film is a tribute to Angelina Torres?

Well, while watching the sensational film “Christmas with you” at the beginning of thanksgiving, the first name that appeared was Angelina Torres. Since then, all people around the web get curious to know more about her and ask Who Was Angelina Torres. She is the person to whom the whole film is dedicated, and a picture of her’s is attached with thanksgiving.

The story protagonist’s name is Angelina, and after knowing about Angelina Torres, people assume that the main character has some relation with Michael’s mother, and they are assuming that the film “Christmas with you” is one of many Christmases the director has spent with his late mom.

People are feeling heart-warming as they read about Angelina Torres. The director posted a message on Instagram to remember her mother who died at Age of 81 years. That is the message by which we all came to know about his mother’s death. You can check the link later in the social media links section. There you can see that director Michael Torres felt emotional as he informs us about his mother’s death.

Social media links:

Michael tribute giving on Instagram


A new release on Netflix known as “Christmas with you” is directed by Michael Chavez Torres, the son of Angelina Torres. he has paid tribute to his mother through his art form like any other artist will do. For more information about Angelina Torres, click on this link.

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Angelina Torres ParentsFAQ:

Q1. Did Angelina Torres work in “Christmas with you”?

No, the film is in tribute to Angelina Torres.

Q2. Why did the director write his mother’s name in the thanksgiving section?

He did that to pay tribute to his late mother.

Q3. What are people assuming about the film?

They are assuming that the film is about one of the Christmas of the director with his mom.

Q4. How many children does Angelina Torres have?

Angelina Torres has seven children, including six daughters and one son.

Q5. Who is the Husband of Angelina Torres?

Angelina Torres is married to her love. German Torres and the duo lived together for 50 years.

Q6. Where did Angelina Torres bear?

She was born in Hayden, Arizona, in 1938.

Q7. Is the film “Christmas with you” streaming on Netflix?

Yes, the film is on Netflix.

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