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{Updated} Shanquella Robinson Video Graphic: What Video Of Shanquella Being Beaten Revealed, Find Who Attacked Her!

{Updated} Shanquella Robinson Video Graphic: What Video Of Shanquella Being Beaten Revealed, Find Who Attacked Her!

Do you know Shaquille Robinson? Have you seen her viral video? People from Worldwide are currently searching for this video on the internet. Also, people are wondering what happened to her and how much the police have found out about this case. This post will explain all the crucial details related to Shanquella Robinson Video Graphic, so please read this post until the end.

What happened to Shaquille Robinson?

Shaquille Robinson was a 25-year-old woman who got brutally killed during her trip to Mexico. Shaquille went on a trip to Mexico with her friends to enjoy herself. However, she never came out of there alive. Just a few hours before her death, a video went viral on social media where it was seen that an unclothed woman who was Shaquille, was getting assaulted by someone, probably one of her friends. The video was very ruthless as Shaquille was assaulted not by any stranger but by one of her friends. The Video Of Shanquella Being Beaten soon blew up on social media, and people started spreading the video. Also, people began spreading hate towards their friends and said they should be arrested. Recently, the Mexican police released an order to detain all friends of Shaquille.

What has the police said about the case?

All the details are based on online mentioned statements. The police have recently said in a statement that they have obtained an arrest warrant for the friends who were a part of Shaquille Robinson’s death. The police also said this wasn’t even a fight but direct aggression. The police said that the friends intentionally injured and tried to Attack Shaquille. The police also said that they are carrying out procedures like Interpol alerts and requesting expulsion to the United States of America. According to the police, the friends are involved in the death of Shaquille. Previously, the police said that they didn’t have enough proof to arrest the friends. However, the viral video clearly shows that the friends assaulted Shaquille. The police were sceptical about the friends when they said that the reason for Shaquille’s death was liquor poisoning.

Disclaimer: We are not targeting or blaming anyone for what happened to Shaquille. We are just publishing this post for informative purposes.

What are Shaquille’s parents saying about her death?

The autopsy report revealed that Shaquille was Being Beaten. When Shaquille’s parents were asked about their daughter’s death, they said that they did not believe any single word Shaquille’s friends said as they all gave different statements. According to Shaquille’s friends, Shaquille had liquor poisoning. However, when the autopsy report was obtained, it said that Shaquille died of injuries in her neck and spinal cord. The autopsy report didn’t mention any signs of liquor poisoning in Shaquille. Also, the video clearly shows how her friends brutally assaulted her. Shaquille’s friends also said that the maid found Shaquille’s body on the room floor. Her friends told this the next day of Shanquella Robinson Video Graphic. Shaquille’s mom found this suspicious, and their friends didn’t even take her to the hospital was even more shocking.

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To summarise this post, we can say that what happened to Shaquille was horrible. We hope all the people responsible for her death get punished. Please visit this page to learn more about Shaquille Robinson’s case

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Shanquella Robinson Video Graphic – FAQs

  1. Who was Shaquille Robinson?

Answer: Shaquille Robinson was a 25-year-old woman who had a hair-braiding business

  1. How did Shaquille die?

Answer: According to the autopsy report, Shaquille died because of significant injuries in her neck and spinal cord

  1. What are the police doing about the case?

Answer: The police have retrieved the arrest warrant for the friend who was seen beating Shaquille in the video

  1. Where was the video uploaded?

Answer: One of Shaquille’s friends went live on Instagram to show the fight Shaquille

  1. What were the other friends doing when Shaquille was getting assaulted?

Answer: In the Shanquella Robinson Video Graphic, while Shaquille was getting assaulted, all the other friends were cheering and motivating Shaquille to fight back

  1. Who found Shaquille’s dead body?

Answer: According to Shaquille’s friends, the maid of the house found Shaquille’s body

  1. Where was Shaquille’s home?

Answer: Shaquille was a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina

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