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[Watch Video] Andres Alberto Sosa Portal Zacarias Video Original: What Is Perdomo? Details On Clip

What is Andres Alberto Sosa Portal Zacarias Video Original? Who is Perdomo? Check every detail here!

Why is Andres Alberto Sosa Portal Zacarias Video OriginalTrending? Who is Andres Alberto? Why is this topic trending with Portal Zacarias? What happened with Andres Alberto? What appears to be the reason behind the heinous act? Netizens from Brazil are trying to get as much information as possible from the internet. Thus, stay tuned to the article and read till the end. 

Andres Alberto Sosa Portal Zacarias Video Original

A young man around the age of 22 years was brutally killed in Cucuta, Colombia. The man was identified as Andres Alberto Sosa, a street dweller. Andres was a homeless person living on the streets of Cucuta. The case of his killing has come to light after the video of violence spread on social media.

As per the video, there were a total of three men who approached Andres to harm. As they started to assault Andres physically. One took out a knife from his pocket and began to stab him in force. His accomplices were yelling to stab him several times and at different places. 

More Details on Video de Andres Alberto Sosa Video

As per the reports, Andres was stabbed more than 50 times, and he died due to the bleeding and injuries. The video is available online, and people are searching for it. The full video might not be available. However, the 37-second video is on the internet. 

On Portal Zacarias, the video and news details are available. They have claimed that the video started to spread on social media on 24th January 2024. There are several telegram channels where the video link is present. The whole incident of murdering Andres Alberto Sosa was recorded on the phone, and footage was released on the internet.

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Reason for the Video Andres Alberto Sosa Perdomo 

As per the further details gathered from Portal Zacarias, the reason behind the whole incident might be related to addictive substance sales and purchases. A man has been identified as the attacker. It is known that Andres is not the first person who has become the target of the attackers as per sources. They have killed several people. 

As per sources, the man has been identified as Carcereiro do Canal Bogotá. He is a known criminal in the region. The Cucuta Colombia region has a lot of similar crimes happening every day. On 25th January 2024, Portal Zacarias updated this news on their website with many images and a Video de Andres Alberto Sosa Video. The content of the media present on the website is gore. 

Additional Details 

According to the details gathered, the video circulating on the internet about the Andres Alberto killing involves gore content, and it may cause discomfort to the viewers. Thus, we do not suggest our readers to watch the video. Also, please keep your kids away from such content.


In today’s article about Andres Alberto Sosa’s killing, we have explained how he was killed. We also provided the details about the viral video from the incident. We have also tried to give a reason behind the Video of Andres Alberto Sosa Perdomo‘s killing. However, we could only provide a few details because the credible sources had fewer details on the topic. Today, we were able to give the name of an attacker. For more details on the topic, click here.

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