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[Watch Video] Ya Brayan Ya Brayan Video Leaked On Twitter: Is It On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube

This analysis on Ya Brayan Ya Brayan Video Leaked on Twitter will help you to understand the facts on the trending news on Instagram and Telegram.

Have you heard about the murder of a young man, Andrés Alberto Sosa Perdomo? The video has surfaced on the internet. Ya Brayan Ya Brayan Video Leaked on Twitter is trending on the internet Worldwide. In this post, we will help you to know about the content shown in the video as many people are trying to search for the details on this video. Please read the details on the same. 

About Ya Brayan Ya Brayan Video Leaked on Twitter

As per online sources, a video started trending on the internet in which a young man named Andrés Alberto Sosa Perdomo was murdered by his friend. The murder video started trending on different social media sites like Twitter, Telegram, etc. The title of the video was “Brayan Ya, Por Favor” which meant “Brayan Now, Please” and another title was also used for the video which was Treacherous Friends. People were shocked to see this video on the internet and demanded justice for the boy who was killed.

Ya Brayan Ya Video Completo

As per the online sites, people have been searching for the complete video of Brayan on the internet, but this video is difficult to search on the internet because it contains unusual scenes that could affect the peace in society. In the video, a young man was killed by another man. This video surfaced on internet platforms like Instagram and this man from Venezuela had around 50 stabs all over the body. The person who killed Andres was a friend of Andres. This incident occurred on January 21, 2024, in Colombia. The complete video shows how brutal a human could be, but this video has not been shared on our platform.

Reddit Updates on Brayan Video! 

The video has surfaced on different social platforms and it is being criticised by many viewers and people are demanding justice on such sites. You can also check out the updates or comments by the people on Reddit. The updates on this incident also revealed that a suspect was arrested who was present with the murderer. He is Jesús Javier Rojas. He is a 33-year-old man who is suspected of being one of those murderers. The investigation is still going on and the murderers will be arrested soon.

Reddit Updates on Brayan Video

Is this video present on Tiktok

As per the sources, the video has surfaced on many social media sites but now this video cannot be found on the social sites because it contains sensitive content. The disturbing graphics in the video can have a negative impact. The video on Tiktok can be checked by the users. This video may not be available on this platform because of its sensitive nature. Since this application does not function in every country, only a few people can check it.

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Telegram Video! 

We have found the channels were being made on this platform. We have seen many channels which are sharing the links of the video. However, people should stay alert because the links provided here can be clickbait. So, one should be careful while clicking on any link. Some links are also added to fool the people.

The update is available on Instagram

There are hardly one or two posts shared on the IG platform but the complete video has not been posted on this platform. It is difficult to acquire this video on IG as it is a public platform and the authorities must have removed it.

The update is available on Instagram

Youtube Video! 

We have found many posts on YT channels related to this news update. The news channels have been covering this update and the interviews of the police officials were posted on Youtube, but the real video is not available on YT. Thus, it is difficult to search for this video on public platforms.


Summing up this post, we have tried to maximize details on the death of Andres Alberto who was brutally killed by his friend. 

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DISCLAIMER: The facts on this murder are taken from online sites. Kindly consider our post for reference purposes.

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