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[Watch Video] Justin Mohn Decapitation Video Reddit: YouTube Video Liveleak, Head, Father Details!

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Are you curious as to why Justin Mohn killed his father and uploaded a video to YouTube?

Justin Mohn, 32, of Pennsylvania, United States, has been charged with first-degree murder and abusing a corpse. He was arrested late Tuesday after jumping a fence at a National Guard facility approximately 100 miles away.

The case involves family violence and disturbing online behavior, and Justin is accused of killing his 68-year-old father, Michael Mohn, and posting a graphic YouTube video in which he shows his father’s decapitated head while discussing right-wing conspiracy theories.

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Justin Mohn Decapitation Video Reddit

In a video that went viral on YouTube, 32-year-old Justin Mohn of Pennsylvania posted a decapitated picture of his father and read aloud from a script, calling him a traitor and mentioning that his father had worked for the government for 20 years. 

Justin Mohn Decapitation Video Reddit

The wife, Denice Mohn, called 911 after discovering her husband decapitated in their home. Justin’s actions shocked neighbors, including John Prickett and his son Michael, who knew him when he was younger. The video reportedly stayed on Reddit and other social media platforms for six hours.

Justin Mohn Head: Details Of the Incident

When Denice Mohn went home at 2:00 pm, she discovered her husband’s 2009 Toyota Corolla and her son were missing. She called the police, who arrived at the scene at 7 pm. They found Michael Mohn covered in blood in the bathroom, a kitchen knife and a machete in the bathtub, and his father’s head in a plastic bag inside a first-floor bedroom.

Justin Mohn Head Details Of the Incident

The investigation is ongoing; there is no threat to the community, and Justin Mohn was identified hours later, more than 100 miles away, and arrested. He was denied bail, and his preliminary hearing is set for February 8 at 9 am.

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Justin Mohn YouTube Video Liveleak: The YouTube Video

Justin Mohn called his father, who he claimed had worked for the federal government for over 20 years, a traitor in a video that was taken down from YouTube after receiving over 5,000 views. Mohn also called for violence against law enforcement, federal workers, and journalists, claiming that the government had declared war on the people.

Justin Mohn YouTube Video Liveleak The YouTube Video

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Justin mohn sophomore photo. Uploaded a video to youtube after beheading his father.
by inDamnthatsinteresting

Justin Mohn Father: Micheal Mohn

According to her husband Stanley Mohn’s obituary, Michael Mohn’s mother, Gertrude Keyes, was a secretary in the US War Department during World War II. He was a registered Democrat and owned a home in Levittown with his wife. He also owned two businesses, Power Writers (incorporated in 2000) and M & D Cleaning (incorporated in 1986).

Justin Mohn Father Micheal Mohn


According to this post, Justin Mohn, 32, of Pennsylvania, has been charged with first-degree murder and abusing a corpse. Justin Mohn called his father a traitor and posted a picture of him with his head severed, reading aloud from a script. Denice Mohn returned home at 2:00 pm to find her son Justin Mohn. Decapitation Video Reddit had killed her husband.

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