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2022 Cryptology Review – How safe is it to use Cryptology?

Experts and users share their opinion about using Cryptology exchange. Is it safe in 2022? Read all you should know about it.”

Honestly, I didn’t begin with large exchanges. They seemed to be very much complicated for me.

I learnt about dealing with large crypto exchanges with time and when I gained more experience. However, when selecting a platform for my trading activity, I always focused on the simplicity of using it.

This thought inspired me, and I started considering the principal features of a platform to simplify the traders’ and investors’ operation.

Cryptology is an intuitive and very easy-to-use crypto exchange platform. It has many benefits both for beginners and experts in crypto trading, as well as investors. In this review you will find enough facts to understand how simple the platform is and how this simplicity can help you, even if you are a professional.

Making this list of 6 characteristics of a crypto exchange and Cryptology’s features, I made an attempt to assess all advantages and disadvantages of a crypto exchange with no fees required for futures trading.

Find out more about Cryptology at http://cryptology.com/

6 Characteristics that simplify the lives of crypto traders

  1. Simplicity

It is known that the simplicity of using the platform makes operations faster. At the same time high speed is essential in trading. Any trader experienced the case when the coin was about to crash because of the long trading time.

  1. Low charges

High charges and fees are surely the nightmare of any trader and investor. Nobody wants their money to be eaten by rollover, entry, and exit fees.

  1. Countries for trading

The geographical issue is extremely important. When I personally started, I happened to sign up to the exchange, set up my 2FA, and go through the painful verification process, and then to wait for confirmation. As soon as everything was ready, I was eager to make my first order, but there was a suspicious pop-up appearing and telling me that no margin trading was available in my country. It was really painful.

  1. Leverage

It is difficult to imagine trading life without leverage. Even if it is risky, this is leverage that allows talented traders to increase their earnings.

  1. Pairs available for trading

If you have to analyze many markets every day, what will you choose: to focus on the principal currencies or to verify all crypto currencies that are available? Of course, this is a matter of choice. However, platforms that have fewer pairs shouldn’t be judged negatively.

  1. Simple withdrawal

How difficult is it to withdraw money? This is an essential question: one of the most important issues about cryptos is the speed and simplicity of transaction. Nobody wants to lose this advantage when it goes about turning them into some fiat.

Cryptology overview: the crypto exchange with no fees to trade futures

 Cryptology is a trading platform for crypto and futures exchange. It offers 0% fees and a $100 bonus for new users.

You’ll have a chance to get 0% fees while trading crypto futures as well as a welcome bonus 0.01000000 BTC with our product – Cryptology Earn.

In this review of Cryptology you will find out about advantages and disadvantages of using this crypto exchange: starting with the signup to making deposits and withdrawing funds. These characteristics will help you to make profit from time-sensitive offers.

 Cryptology Earn

 In September 2021, Cryptology started a service for passive income. This is Cryptology Earn. Using this feature, you can earn numerous cryptocurrencies including some stablecoins. You can make investments via bank cards. It is possible to monitor daily earnings, withdraw money, and reinvest it.

The earnings depend on the currency. For example, the users investing such stablecoins as DAI, USDT, or USDC obtain a 15% annual yield. On the other hand, Bitcoin investors can get up to 8% per year. This feature is especially good because all deposits are free of charge.

 Sign up

 It is simple to sign up: fill in a special form where you will specify your name, surname, email, and password. You will have to accept the Terms of service, too. It is also possible to sign up with your Google account.

At the same time, you have two options: it is possible sign up for a personal or institutional account.

In case of a personal account, only the Trading account is available.

The Trading account is different from the Global Wire account. Here you can make various kinds of deposits and withdrawals:

  • Having a Global account, it is possible to deposit fiat money and cryptocurrencies via bank card or wire transfer. It is also possible to withdraw cryptocurrencies and fiat – for fiat money, it is possible to withdraw only to the account used for deposits.
  • Having a Trading account, it is possible to deposit both fiat money and cryptocurrencies, however, it is possible to withdraw only cryptocurrencies.

It is possible to deposit fiat money via Mastercard and Visa for the European Union, while Global accounts can withdraw fiat only via wire transfer.


 According to the company’s KYC practice, the user has to undergo a 2-step verification method:

  • Firstly, this is the Basic Verification. It will grant you a limit of $10,000.

here you need to upload your driving license, national ID or passport, and a selfie with the chosen document.

  • Secondly, this is the Full Verification. It includes a proof of address: passing this verification level will avoid limits.

Futures Trading & Spot Exchange

Cryptology’s Futures trading and Spot Exchange platforms are easy-to-use and intuitive.

For futures, you can choose leverage.

For the exchange, you have such options as the order book, a chart by TradingView, the trade history, and a simple order form for buying and selling at the market or limit.

Fees, Deposit, and Withdrawal

On Cryptology trading fees are 0.002 both for makers and takers. As for other crypto exchange, fees vary according to the trading volume.

As for fiat, the fee is 2.65% for debit and credit cards deposits. The minimum is $25, RUB 1000 or €20 deposit.

Users operating from Brazil have various deposit options and their fees range from 1.7% to 3.6% for a minimum $1 deposit.

EUR SEPA deposits include 0.45% fees for a minimum €1 deposit; as for wire transfers, this can be used only by Full Verification users – no fees, for minimum $25 or €25 deposit.

As for withdrawals, fiat money can be withdrawn only from Institutional accounts and only with SEPA accounts, with a €7 fee for a minimum €50 withdrawal.

Conditions applied to digital assets deposits and withdrawals differ – and some assets cannot be withdrawn.

Supported countries

 Cryptology is appreciated worldwide except for the United States and Japan.

Although we have learned that Binance is leaving Holland, Germany, Italy. At the same time Cryptology is not going to leave any countries in the nearest future. The service is going to be provided in all countries including the above-mentioned ones.

 Pairs you can trade with on Cryptology


  • EOS/USD Perpetual
  • BTC/USD Perpetual
  • ETH/USD Perpetual
  • SNX/USD Perpetual
  • MKR/USD Perpetual
  • XLM/USD Perpetual
  • TRX/USD Perpetual
  • ZEC/USD Perpetual
  • BCH/USD Perpetual
  • YFI/USD Perpetual
  • LTC/USD Perpetual

Spot Exchange

Pairs for the exchange:

  • DAI
  • XRP
  • TRX
  • LTC
  • USDT
  • XLM
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • BCH
  • ZEC
  • USDC
  • BAT

Trading is possible by using Euro, US dollars, and Ruble. Besides, on July 21, Cryptology declared the listing of EURS. After this overview, let’s consider all advantages and disadvantages.


  • Support: After testing the speed of Cryptology’s support service, we can say it is quite fast. Having several verification questions, we have got the relevant replies in 10 minutes. Support managers were polite, and their answers were useful.

 Quick support service is offered.


  • There are no chances to withdraw fiat with a trading (personal) account,
  • There is no margin trading on the spot exchange.

To conclude, we hope this Cryptology will help you to take the right decision about profiting from the promotions of this crypto exchange and six features of the above crypto exchange.

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