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Safuu Price (March 2022) How To Buy? Contract Address

Please read the details given below to know about Safuu Price and the reason for its high demand in the crypto market.

Are you looking for a cryptocurrency that offers low risk and high yield returns? Are you looking for information about such cryptos? If the answer to your question is yes, you are at the right place. Do read the details given below to get the answer to your queries.

After the covid-19 induced pandemic, everybody is searching for such financial options which can offer them high returns, and the risk associated is low. Considering these, this article is about the Safuu Price, which is very low and the return is high. This Crypto is highly in demand, especially among the citizens of the United States.

About the Safuu Crypto

Safuu stands for Sustainable Asset Fund for Universal Users. It is a decentralized financial market asset that offers unique fixed compound interest rates based on its unique SAP protocol.

The SAP (Safuu Auto-Staking Protocol) is a financial protocol that makes staking efficient and, in this way, offers the highest fixed return for Safuu token holders. However, the Safuu Price is determined by the demand and supply of Safuu Tokens.

The Features of Safuu Areas

  • Safuu Insurance Fund (SIF): 5% of trading fees are spent on maintaining stability and reward for the token holders.
  • Efficient and safe staking: It is not placed in the hands of a third party or centralized authority.
  • Rapid Interest Payments and high-interest offer: Rewards are credited every 15 minutes at the base rate of 0.02355% for staking in the above Crypto and thus paid 96 times a day.
  • Auto Token Burn: To prevent the circulating cycle from becoming unmanageable, it has an automatic token burn system called ‘Fire Pit’.

Team Details of Safuu Token

As per the official website, the Safuu Team comprises 5 blockchain/solidity/dApp/web developers, 3 marketing gurus, and a CEO.

Safuu Price and Other Details

Market and Price Statistics

  • SAFUU Liquidity: 999.907 $(0.00%)

SAFUU Token (SAFUU) Liquidity, and Volume

  • SAFUU Token Price: 0.758191363585 $
  • Market Cap: 75,819,136.358 $
  • Trading Volume 24h: 6,026.903 $
  • Transactions 24h: 52 (100.00%)
  • All-Time High: NA
  • 7d Low / 7d High: NA
  • Volume / Market Cap: 0.01%
  • Changes for 24h: 100.00%
  • All-Time Low: NA
  • 24h Low / 24h High: NA
  • Changes for 7days: 0.00%

Supply Details

  • Date Deployed: Mar-02-2022 09:09 GMT
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000SAFUU
  • Circulating Supply: 100,000,000SAFUU
  • Decimals: 18
  • Holders: 100

Safuu Price Estimate

The Crypto pays out at 382,945.41% in the first 12 months, one of the best in the crypto market. So, if you invest $1000 for the first 12 months, you will get $3,830,454.12 of $SAFUU at 383,025.80% APY in return.

Procedure To Trade in Safuu Token

Considering attractive returns and low price, below details can help you trade it. It can be traded on exchanges:

  • PancakeSwap (v2)
  • Mdex
  • BSCswap
  • Anyswap
  • BSCStation Swap

It can be traded directly through the official website via PancakeSwap (v2) as follows, after learning about the Safuu Price:

  • Here you can trade through your wallet only; if you are new, you can connect your wallet on your android device by opening the trust wallet and tapping the DApps.
  • Scroll down to “popular” and tap on “PancakeSwap,” where you can connect to “PancakeSwap” and start trading.


Q1 What is the official website of Safuu Token?

A1 The official website is https://safuu.com/.

Q2 Is the Safuu token listed on Coinmarketcap?

A2 No, it is not listed on Coinmarketcap.

Q3 What is the contract address of the token?

A3 The contract address of the token is 0x6a0a9839a9b5cfc8638b8e389de1b7cdc84e7884


Since Safuu Price is low and return is high, it is lucrative for the customer, and also Safuu Token is in high demand considering its unique features.

But do weigh your risk-return trade-off as the crypto market is volatile. You must consider the following details before investing in Crypto. And, for further queries, do comment below.

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