Cryptology Online Review

Cryptology Review: Exchange With No Commission for Futures Trading

Cryptology Review: Cryptology is a platform for cryptocurrency exchange and crypto futures trading. It offers no-fees transactions and a welcome bonus equal to $100.

You are welcome to benefit from 0% fees when trading crypto futures as well to get our welcome bonus in the amount of 0.01000000 BTC with Cryptology Earn.

This Cryptology review unveils advantages and disadvantages of this service and helps you to take advantage of the short-term promotion on every step of interaction with the platform: from registration to making deposits and withdrawals.

Review of Cryptology Earn

A few months ago, Cryptology launched a new service dubbed Cryptology Earn to help you accumulate passive income. It allows to earn multiple cryptocurrencies including stablecoins after making investments from bank cards. As part of this feature, you can monitor your daily income and decide what to do with it: withdraw or reinvest.

The profit amount will depend on the chosen currency. For example, if you invest stablecoins like USDT, USDC, or DAI, you will get a 15% annual yield. If you invest BTC, you can get can up to 8% annually. The best thing about this feature is that deposits are made with zero fee.


The registration process is very easy: you will be asked to indicate your first and last name, email, and password in the form. You will be required to check the box stating that you accept the Terms of Service. By the way, you can sign in with your Google account.

You can choose to register a personal or institutional account with Cryptology.

If you opt for a personal account, please keep in mind that only the Trading account will be available for you.

The institutional users can get a different account called Global Wire account — it supports other types of deposits and withdrawals:

  • Global account allows to make deposits in fiat and cryptocurrency via wire transfer or bank card. Withdrawal will also be available in cryptocurrency and fiat — the latter can be withdrawn only to the account previously used for deposits.
  • Trading account allows to make deposits in fiat and cryptocurrency, but withdrawal will be available in cryptocurrency only.

Another note: fiat money can be deposited via Visa and Mastercard within the EU, but with Global account the fiat withdrawals can only be made via wire transfer.

Verification Process

Cryptology has the KYC practices implemented, which means that you will have to pass a 2-step verification process:

  • Basic verification will allow you to make transactions within a limit of $10,000.

This type of verification requires to provide a photo of your ID (passport, driving license, or national ID) along with a selfie with that ID in your hands.

  • Full verification requires to provide a proof of address on top of that. After full verification, the limits will be removed.

Futures & Spot Trading

You can use the company’s Spot Exchange and Futures trading tools – they are very simple and user-friendly.

When you use Spot Exchange, you will see sections such as a trade history, an order book, a chart by TradingView, and an order form. The platform will allow you to trade at the market or limit.

It is pretty much the same for Futures trading, but this section also offers leverage.

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