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Zarina Anjoulie Telegram: Check The Content Of Zarina Anjoulie Video Viral On Twitter

This write-up on Zarina Anjoulie Telegram will provide insights into the whole matter and the video.

Now and then, new controversies happen on social media related to disputes and viral content. A video of famous actress Zarina Anjoulie was roaming on the web, creating much of hustle and bustle. 

Have you heard about the viral video? What is the message given by the viral post? Why are people in Malaysia discussing the trending matter? To know the details and insights of the same, read this post about the Zarina Anjoulie Telegram until the end.


What is the trending video based on?

People have been searching for Zarina Anjoulie for the past several days. Do you know why? Well, there are two reasons why people are searching for the same. The first reason is the love of Zarina. As per sources, she is in love with a businessman named Datuk Sri khazrul Elzey. She reveals this in Zarina Anjoulie Video. This is not the first love of Zarina. She has been married before, but things didn’t get along between the duo, so they got separated years back. Now it’s been said that they are in love again.

A video has been roaming on the web where the duo can be seen arguing over a fence worth RM100,000. The whole matter was public as Zarina explained to the people that she was not a scrapper and that her boyfriend gifted the fence. 


This post about Zarina Anjoulie is to provide authentic details about the topic from well reputated sources. We don’t support cyber fights or controversies on this site.

Zarina Anjoulie Telegram: what is in the video?

In the viral video, Zarina and Datuk can be seen fighting over the fence issue, in which she further said that the money paid to the contractor was only RM30,000 and RM80,000 was left, which she is paying by herself. As per sources, on this matter, Datuk didn’t keep quiet, and a video was seen where he said that the act Zarina was Barbaric as she should not keep everything public to ruin his image.

The hot discussion between the two was over, and Zarina Anjoulie Twitter has been talked about a lot nowadays. You can check Zarina’s Instagram and Twitter accounts in the social media heading of this post. Stay tuned there to get information about her latest posts and tweets.

Who is Zarina Anjoulie?

She is an actress and model in Malaysia. She is currently 35 years old and has been the most talked about a person due to her controversy on social media. She is a single mom to her son Awangku Gabriel Martin, who is born with Zarina’s first marriage.

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To conclude this post, Zarina and Datuk have been the most talked about persons nowadays due to their fight after confessing their love. You can check the youtube channel link Zarina for more information.

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Zarina Anjoulie TelegramFAQs:

Q1. Who is Zarina Anjoulie?

She is a Malaysian actress.

Q2. What is the age of Zarina Anjoulie?

She is 35 years old.

Q3. What is the video about?

In the video, Zarina and Datuk can be seen fighting.

Q4. Does Zarina have a child?

Yes, she is a mother to her son Awangku Gabriel Martin.

Q5. Where did the fight show up?

As per sources, the fight began on a live video with fans when Zarina said she was not a scrapper.

Q6. Who is the father of Awangku, Gabriel Martin Erza’s son of Zarina Anjoulie Viral?

His father is Pengiran Mohd Ilham Syazwan.

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