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Check the Itanimulli website’s Wikipedia news!

An amazing fact is linked with the website. John Fenley, a person from Utah, jokingly set up a hack redirecting to the National Security Agency (NSA’s) website. 

Surprisingly, if someone types (spelled backward as Illuminati), then it will lead to the NSA’s official website. We will attach all the relevant social media links below.

Who is the Domain Owner?

According to the sources John Fenley from Utah created the domain named, and he found the hack just a joke which redirected to the NSA domain. John Fenley told the media house that he registered the site long back but didn’t utilize it for long. Later in 2009, John Fenley decided to work with the domain.

Know amazing facts on!

  • John Fenley created the website.
  • The domain owner decided to send the website to the NSA in 2009.
  • Typing, the backward spelling for the Itanimulli website, leads to the NSA website. Wikipedia!

If we type in a backward manner (Illuminati), it redirects to the site. Thus, here we have provided the relevant Wikipedia details of the NSA, which stands for National Security Agency. 

Formed 04/11/1952.


Security Agency (U.S. Department of Defence).
Parent Agency Department of Defence.
No.of Employees Estimated 30,000-40,000.
Main Agenda Securing the future of the nation and defending it.
Headquarters Fort Meade, Maryland, U.S.
Annual Budget Estimated $1.8 billion. (2013).
Preceding Agency Armed forces & Security Agency.


General Paul M.,

Nakasone (U.S. Army Director),

George C. Barnes (Deputy Director).

Website Link

Know the Netiziens response!

As you all know, the Domain Owner is from Utah named John Fenley. Also, John Fenely redirected the links jokingly, which created a huge buzz over social media platforms.

A Twitter user named Vsauce shared the post stating Illuminati spelled backward along with the link

The news has created a buzz on Twitter but also on Reddit too. A Reddit user had a query and stated why typing backward directly to the NSA website.

Social Media Links


We have attached a video link to understand the news on the website better. 

Was the video useful for the readers? Comment down below your thoughts. Wikipedia-FAQs

Q1. What is the role of the NSA?

AThe NSA mainly provides national security and defends the United States.

Q2. Is the NSA military?

It is not completely military but a part of the U.S. department of defense.

Q3. How powerful is the NSA?

AIt is considered to be the most technologically upgraded intelligence agency.

Q4. How is connected to NSA?

The site spelled backward directs to the NSA website.

Q5. Who is the mastermind behind

A.A Utah person named John Fenley is the owner of

Q6. Is there any conspiracy behind creating

No, the domain owner created the website jokingly.

Q7. When was the website created?

The website was created in 2009.

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