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Yugo Asuma Graduation Reddit: What Happened To His Identity? To Know Reason Check Twitter Update! Get Complete Wiki Details Here!

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Did you hear the latest news announced by Anycolor over Yugo Asuma? After the shocking news, the famous Japanese character comes into focus on December 14 2022. Anycolor, the parent company, told me that the surface would no longer be available to play the role. It means Yugo Asuma’s part has ended due to graduation. 

Thus, people around the Philippines and the United States are browsing information related to Yugo Asuma Graduation, his wiki, and more. So, this article will offer you the complete details of Yugo Asuma Graduation Redditso read this post thoroughly.

Disclaimer– In this post, we are not supporting any character or YouTube. Thus the entire information is based on the facts collected from the internet.  

Details of Yugo Asuma Graduation

The parent company ANYCOLOR Inc. of NIJISANJI has announced that talented Yugo Asuma will graduate. The company announced this news on December 14; due to this, all his activities and social media accounts were created, including Youtuber, Twitter, and Reddit. 

However, all these accounts were set to private, his voice packs were suspended, and the sale of his merchandise was.

The Yugo Asuma Graduation was taken after various discussions between Yugo and ANYCOLOUR. Unfortunately, they made the decision public only after deciding on different aspects, including Yugo’s behaviours, which were somehow unsuitable with the company and terms. 

What Happened To Alban Knox and another character? 

Yugo Asuma was first launched on February 27 2022, as a part of NIJISANJI EN’s fifth English language. Yugo has released a song with Noctyx in the Abyss. The Youtube channel had 430,000 subscribers at the time of Yugo Asuma’s graduation. 

However, Alban Knox, Fulgar Ovid, Sonny Brisko, and Uki Violeta, who are part of the “Noctyx” unit, continue to perform in NIJISANJI. Thus, for those concerned about Yugo Asuma Graduation and another character, this is the answer. However, he has approx—676,400 followers on YouTube. 

Quick Wiki of Yugo Asuma

Since the company announced the graduation of Yugo Asuma, people have been searching for his personal information. Thus, here are some vital aspects of Yugo Asuma.

Full Name 遊間ユーゴ
Nick Name Yugo Assman


Gender Male
Debuted Date  2022/02/27
Debuted Platform Youtube
Retirement Date  2022/12/14
Affiliation  NIJISANJI EN
Character Designer   Inutsuki Kemuri
Official Website
Age  Has not been born in this timeline yet
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Birthday Date 4 June
Channel YouTube
Social Media Twitter

Social Media Links-

Announcement of Yugo Asuma’s Graduation【NIJISANJI EN】
by u/darkael in VirtualYoutubers

The Last Words

The parent company ANYCOLOR Inc. announced Yugo Asuma’s graduation because they have some inappropriate behaviours, so that they will discontinue Yugo Asuma. The rest of the channel members will continue to perform. 

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Yugo Asuma Graduation Reddit– FAQs

Q1. Will another character of NIJISANJI EN are also getting graduating?

Ans. No, another character from NIJISANJI EN will continue to perform on the channel.

Q2. Which company owns the NIJISANJI EN?

Ans. ANYCOLOR Inc. is a parent company of NIJISANJI EN. 

Q3. When was Yugo Asuma launched on Youtube? 

Ans. Yugo Asuma was first launched on February 27 2022, on Youtube.

Q4. What is the birth date of Yugo Asuma?

Ans. The birth date of Yugo Asuma is June 4. 

Q5. When will Yugo Asuma retire from the NIJISANJI EN?

Ans. He retired on 2022/12/14 from the NIJISANJI EN.  

Q6. What is the Zodiac Identity of Yugo Asuma?

Ans. The Zodiac Identity of Yugo Asuma Gemini.

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