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Mpho Makwana Biography: Check Complete Information On His Net Worth, Salary, Nedbank, Qualifications, And Age

This article gives all the details about Mpho Makwana Biography and further details on Mpho Makwana career and personal life. Follow our blog to know more.  

Do you know about Paul Mpho Makwana? Are you aware of his personal life details? If not, here we are to give you with all the information. Paul Mpho Makwana is a famous businessman.  He belongs from South Africa

In this article, we will cover all the details about Mpho Makwana Biography and more information on his personal life. Read the article below for more details.


Details on Mpho Makwana:

Paul Mpho Makwana is professionally a businessman from South Africa. He founded the Epitome Investment Limited. His is presently 51 years old. As a businessman he has worked in nine companies. At the same time, he is also the current chairman of Nedbank Group Limited. 

To discuss more about his career, He was previously a Non-executive director in Nedbank and Adcock Ingram. It was 2013 when he served the Arcelor Mittal. Not only that he was also the chairman of Arcelor Mittal SA and Eskom. Mpho Makwana Net Worth is estimated to be $500,000. He is among the well known businesspersons.

As a businessperson, he did serve many finest companies in his career days. Last but not the least, he was also the CEO and Chairman of enX Group limited. 

Mpho Makwana Education qualification:

Mpho Makwana, the Chairman of Nedbank Group received his graduation degree from University of Pretoria. He also has another graduate degree that he received from University of Zululand. Mpho Makwana qualification includes Postgraduate diploma in Retail marketing. His knowledge in various fields includes strategic planning, Marketing, human resource and business strategy. He has various Qualifications also includes Badmin (Hons) degree.

Further details on Mpho Makwana career:

Mpho Makwana is a famous businessperson from South Africa. He began his career as the non-executive director of the Nedbank Group on 17th November 2011. In that board he also acted as an acting chairperson and lead independent director. 

Later in 2nd December 2021 he was appointed as the Chairperson of the Nedbank Board. He also served in Invest in Africa Mining Indaba as a Chairperson. In his career days, he also became the chairperson of Eskom Holding Ltd and the lead independent director at Invicta Holding Ltd, Platinum Group Metals and board of BTE Renewables Ltd. 

Mpho Makwana current Age is 51 years. Mpho Makwana was a born leader. He has also served as a chairperson in companies like Limpopo Economic Development agency, Safcol Soc Ltd, Epitome Investment Limited and ArcelorMittal Sa ltd. 

Mpho Makwana knowledge in different fields:

Mpho Makwana knowledge in various fields includes:

  • Large corporate
  • Stakeholder management
  • Climate change
  • Mining
  • Retail and investment banking
  • Energy
  • Resource and infrastructure
  • Governance

Mpho Makwana Family members:

There is no such information about his family members. Mpho Makwana is married but the name of his wife is not known. There is not much information about the Nedbank Chairperson starring Mpho Makwana’s children as well. 

Summing up:

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Mpho Makwana Salary- FAQ

Q1. Who is Mpho Makwana?

Answer: Businessman

Q2. Where did Mpho Makwana belong?

Answer: South Africa

Q3. What is Mpho Makwana profession?

Answer: Chairperson at Nedbank Group Ltd

Q4. What is Mpho Makwana age?

Answer: 51 years

Q5. What are the fields in which he has knowledge?

Answer: Large corporate, Stakeholder management, Climate change, Mining, Retail and investment banking, etc

Q6. What is Mpho Makwana net worth?

Answer: $500,000

Q7. What is the name of Mpho Makwana wife?

Answer: Not known

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