Complete Guide to YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube Video Marketing: 10 Tips to Grow on YouTube

YouTube Video Marketing: We live in a digital world where businesses need effective online marketing ideas to build their brands. YouTube videos are gaining popularity and demand from time to time, and lots of effort, time, and struggle of people are hidden behind this popularity. 

If you are indulging in youtube marketing and worried just because of your YouTube channel productivity then you are not alone. There are lots of animation makers that are available in the market but Doratoon is the only animation maker that is not only reliable but also full-featured. 

But putting aside your worries, today we are here with a complete list of tips you can think about to gain more followers and views on your YouTube videos. 

10 Tips to Grow on YouTube

Let us have a look at the reliable and useful tips for video marketing:

1 – Create unique Content

The first thing that you must have to keep in mind is the selection of unique content so that viewers are attracted to it. Selection of content has always been a troublesome task for YouTubers but after this struggle, the creation of video becomes just like butter. 

You can add animation to your video and this uniqueness will surely become the cause of growing views on your youtube video. 

This tool enables its users to do all kinds of animation in a video in seconds and also provides users with amazing features and templates to bring life to the video. There is no doubt that animation plays a great role in enhancing the appearance of video and the addition of animation by using Wonderful tools as Doratoon works just like magic.

Steps to use Doratoon:

The steps are mentioned below:

Step 1: Move to the website of Doratoon and sign into it by selecting the signup button. 

Step 2: Select the ‘Workbench’ button by moving into the workbench tab.

Step 3: Tap on the ‘Create’ option and select the desired method from the list appearing on the screen.

Step 4: Create your animation on the editing screen and then save the required content into the device by selecting the export button.

Look! How easy it is. You can read more from to find some other free promotion and marketing ideas that can be helpful for entrepreneurs and businessmen with a low budget to promote their products or services. 

2 – Set a publishing schedule and stick to it

The next thing is the management of publishing schedules. The main reason for this act is that your followers will remain aware of your activities like the time you upload your video etc. 

Moreover, this will help you to examine the time when the maximum number of Viewers see your video. Hence, making a schedule and remaining stick to it is important for YouTube video marketing.

3 – Attention-grabbing titles

The first thing considered by the viewers is the title that you used in your video. A strong title means more viewers and vice versa. Hence, it is advisable to use such titles in your video that contributes to grabbing more viewers to your uploaded YouTube video.

4 – Strong thumbnails

Some people will try to access your YouTube video directly from your channel, some will get the video from their friends but lots of them will come across your video when they search for something to watch on their desired Browser. Hence, the use of strong thumbnails will increase the chance of showing your video to the users searching for some entertaining stuff.

5 – Engagement with followers

The main thing that is a strong tool of other famous content creators is their contribution to their followers. Hence, remaining in touch with your followers will directly impact your YouTube video productivity and will also bring a smile to the follower’s faces whenever you talk to them or reply to their comments. 

6 – Use timestamps in the description

As we know, to discover relevant content, users don’t only prefer the YouTube search bar but they can also take help from Google to gain access to any YouTube video. Hence, in order to show your video to the Google searchers, you can simply use timestamps in the description of your youtube video. 

7 – Use blog posts with leading video

The other unique and authentic idea for video marketing on YouTube is to attach a blog post with each uploading video. The main reason for this act is to introduce visitors to your website to your channel on YouTube and in this way get more viewers and followers. Blog posts will prove to be a wire to connect your youtube channel with your website. 

8 – Utilize Cards and end screens

There are lots of people who get interested in a particular YouTube video and then prefer to watch all the other videos on the same YouTube channel. Hence, the use of cards and end screens will indirectly grab more followers toward your YouTube video and increase productivity.

9 – Engage with other content creators

You can easily engage with any other content creator and this engagement will prove to be beneficial for both of you. You must have to keep in mind that growing followers is the first thing that is desired by every Youtuber hence contacting other content creators introducing them in your videos or sharing your content with them will prove to be effective for you.

10 – Prefer different content

Last but not least, we are going to discuss the most important but easiest tip that you may know before but never pay head to. That is to use different types of content every time you create a video. It means you shouldn’t create videos on the same topic again and again because this will not only lose viewers’ interest but a time will come when you have nothing to post. 

Ending Remarks

Gaining viewers on youTube videos has become a common issue for almost every YouTuber. To overcome this issue, we have introduced a few tips that will play a great role in growing more followers and views on a video. Such as you can introduce an animation maker like Doratoon in your youtube marketing strategy. 

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