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Aioz Crypto (July 2022) Price, Prediction & How To Buy?

Have you understood the fair and informative strings of the Aioz Crypto? Kindly use this article to investigate this cryptocurrency deeply. 

Are you inspecting the updated worth of the AIOZ Token? Do you desire to learn more about this network? Please survey this write-up to find accurate details about this topic. 

Cryptocurrencies are ruling the hearts of many investors Worldwide, but according to a few experts, trading is a risky activity. Furthermore, it is upto individuals to believe in crypto markets. So, in this article, we will supply recent strings to the Aioz Crypto, including its price estimation. Thus, we urge you to be alert throughout this writing to learn further. 

About This Crypto

According to sources, AIOZ is a blockchain-oriented network built to create innovation in the entertainment niche. Moreover, the team introduced this network to allow traders to share content at a low cost. Also, from a source, we learned that it would launch many other new techniques to earn money. 

The network’s native token, $AIOZ, rewards the users for sharing digital works, storing them, and doing certain computational tasks. So, let us notice the workers involved in this network in the following paragraph. 

Owner Information Of Aioz Network

From a reliable thread, we found some names associated with this platform. So, let us check them below religiously. 

  • Erman Tjiputra- CEO, Founder
  • Hung Nguyen- Project Manager
  • Quang Tran- AI Head
  • Hien Nguyen- Blockchain Head
  • Trieu Nguyen- Head Technology Officer

Benefits Served By AIOZ

The prime focus of this crypto is to provide a good streaming facility to traders. Moreover, the network employs the following methods for improvisation.

  • Unlimited Nodes
  • Utilizing P2P Network 
  • Current Network Disruption 

After learning its basics, let us dive into the underlying passage to learn further.

Token Cost

Upon researching, we realized that the current price of Aioz Crypto is $0.1261, with an increment of 149.54%. Therefore, we will now provide a table below expressing its future price, so if you want to know more about the crypto, please glance at it properly. 

Year Approximate Worth
2022 $0.085
2023 $0.12
2024 $0.17
2025 $0.25
2026 $0.36

Now, let us shift to the coming passage to survey more statistical details about the token. 

Market Supply And Further Details

  • The market rank of this crypto is #285.
  • Its all-time low value is $0.04652.
  • The fully diluted value is $123,422,974.
  • The total supply value of Aioz Crypto is 1,000,000,000.
  • $74,593,171 is its market cap value.
  • The circulating supply is 609,434,805.00 AIOZ.
  • AIOZ’s 24-hour volume value is $34,864,636.
  • The all-time high value of AIOZ is $2.67.
  • The max supply value is 1,000,000,000.

Purchasing Steps Of AIOZ

Now, after surveying all the connected details of this crypto, if you feel interested in buying it, you can claim it through Coinbase. So, this passage will help you buy AIOZ tokens through Coinbase. 

  • Register on Coinbase.
  • Include a payment method.
  • Initiate a trade.
  • Choose AIOZ from other cryptocurrencies.
  • After realizing the Aioz Crypto Price Prediction updates, select the amount.
  • Finalize the order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Official Website Of This Token?

A1. https://aioz.network is the crypto’s official site. 

Q2. What Is Its Contract Address?

A2. The contract address is 0x626E8036dEB333b408Be468F951bdB42433cBF18. 

The Concluding Lines

In this post, we have illustrated the updated details about the AIOZ token. Thus, we prefer you to research personally before trading on any crypto. Gather knowledge about Common Cryptocurrency Scams And How To Avoid Them here. Also study further on this crypto here .

What is your observation on this Aioz Crypto? Please express your opinions below. 

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