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Yiay Token Leaderboard (Aug) Get All The Details Here!

Yiay Token Leaderboard (Aug) Get All The Details Here! >> The guide shares details about the fake meme currency and the process to check the holder’s details.  

A new YouTuber token has been launched that is rewarded to the viewers and fans that provide a good submission for the YouTube channel. Yiay Token is one-of-its-kind YouTuber Token launched for the fans who put a good submission to the Jackask Series. 

There are no positive and negative Yiay Tokens, and depending upon the submissions, the fans are rewarded with these tokens. Fans from Canada and the United States hold these fake meme tokens, and there is Yiay Token Leaderboard that gives you access to the leaders and holders of the fake currency. 

We will be discussing more about the leaderboard below. 

About Yiay Token

Yiay Token is the fake meme currency that is launched by the jacksfilms, a famous YouTuber. The YouTuber gives the fake meme tokens to the fans in his videos when they make good submissions for the jackask or yiak series. 

So, fans who have got a good submission for the series would receive many Yiay Tokens, and fans with bad submission may get only the bad tokens. The YouTuber also has a leaderboard website where one can check the names and IDs of the token holders. 

What is Yiay Token Leaderboard?

Yiaytokenleaderboard.com is the website where fans can keep tracking the names and IDs of the Yiay Token holders. The website offers complete detail about the holders and fans that hold the largest number of Yiay Tokens. 

People can keep checking the number of tokens every fan holds, and they may either congratulate the holders. The website solely shares the names and IDs of the holders, and you will not find any details about the YouTuber or his videos on the website of Yiay Token Leaderboard.

Who is the Founder of Yiay Token?

Yiay Token is the fake meme currency, and the founder of the token is Jacksfilms, the YouTuber who distribute the tokens to his fans for their good submissions on the Jackask series. 

There are many holders of the token worldwide, and the leaderboard website shares comprehensive details about the holders of the token.  

What Does the Leaderboard Website Shares?

The leaderboard website shares details about holders of fake currency, Yiay Token. Here are some of the details mentioned on the website of Yiay Token Leaderboard.

  • @MJ9 holds 500 000 000 Yiay Tokens
  • @jacksfilms hold 100 000 000 tokens
  • @drumguy818 has 10 000 000 tokens
  • @Bananaweasel has 5 000 000 tokens
  • @Partying GamerGuy has 1 000 000 tokens
  • @Smith_lord13 has 1 000 000 tokens
  • @C holds 1000 tokens

There are also holders of bad tokens for their bad submissions, and this includes:

  • @TheAverangeGrunt holds -67 tokens
  • @Chaxinitus holds -50 tokens
  • @Konnoo5093834 holds -75 tokens
  • @Goodforhh holds -1000 tokens  

You can access the complete list of holders of Yiay Token on the website yiaytokenleaderboard.com.

What People Has to Say?

After evaluating, we found a few fans’ comments on discussion forums about Yiay Token Leaderboard. As per the comments, the users are satisfied with having access to the Yiay Tokens.

They are also happy to know that now they can track the names of the token holders. So, they keep checking the leaderboard website regularly to stay updated about the details of token holders. 


Q1. What is the Official Link of the Leaderboard Website?

A1. https://yiaytokenleaderboard.com/ is the website where you can access the leaderboard.

Q2. What is the Yiay Token?

A2. It is the fake meme token distributed to the fans for good submissions. 


If you want to know the list of holders, visit the Yiay Token Leaderboard website. There is the trend of using meme tokens or currency, and YouTubers use fake currency as meme tokens to distribute to the fans. Now you can track the details of token owners at yiaytokenleaderboard.com, the right place to visit. Besides, if you are interested in buying Crypto ensure to access the helpful guide on how to buy Crypto in 2021.

How many tokens do you hold? Would you mind sharing it in the comments section? 

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