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Ethpad Coin (August 2021) How To Buy? Contract Address

Ethpad Coin (August 2021) How To Buy? Contract Address >> The guide shares details about the crypto coin and the platform where the coin is used for staking.

Cross-chain launches are emerging as the new normal in the Crypto marketplace. The Crypto marketplace is evolving with many new launches of blockchains. In addition, a new platform has been launched called Ethpad, which gives full access to the cross-chain launches.

Ethpad is designed with inspiration by EIP-1559, and it claims to feature different deflationary triggers combined with IDO participation, staking, and selling. The cross-platform launch allows easy liquidity sniping BOT defense with a result-oriented staking system and cross-chain Bridge. 

It uses the native token called Ethpad Coin, and it has many holders in the United States and Turkey.    

What is Ethpad Token?

Ethpad is the first deflationary and decentralized IDO platform that is designed with inspiration from EIP-1559. The platform is backed by Ethereum that aims to bring deflationary factors to ETH tokenomics. 

Based on these aspects, the developer has built the deflationary system into Ethpad’s structure. The burns will be programmed for staking, selling, and IDO participation, ensuring a constant reduction in the total circulating supply over time.      

The platform uses the native token called Ethpad Coin, and it is available for staking and trading with the ticker symbol ETHPAD. 

Who is the Founder of Ethpad?

The team behind the Ethpad platform is BlueZilla. BlueZilla is the team of developers that is known for bringing huge success for the BSCPad. It is the team behind the development of the Ethpad Platform. However, it is not clear who is the CEO or founder of the native token. 

It is only clear that the token has over 700 holder addresses and recorded 808 transfers to date.

The Ethpad Coin Market Cap, Supply, and Live Price

The live data showcases that the live price of the coin at the time of writing the post is $0.090627. There is no chance observed in the price trend in the last 24 hrs. The coin has the highest trading volume of $11 151 011 in the last 24 hrs. It has recorded no changes in the trend in the last 24 hrs. 

The coin is ranked at #2608 based on the live market capitalization. However, no data has been found regarding the live market cap. But the fully diluted market cap of the coin is $90 626 829.90. 

There are a total of 1 000 000 000 Ethpad Coin available for max supply, and there is no data available for total circulating supply.   

How to Buy Ethpad Token?

  • Download and log in with a trusted digital wallet and link it to PanCakeSwap
  • Add funds to your wallet and transfer them to the exchange
  • Find the token using the contract address 0x8dB1D28Ee0d822367aF8d220C0dc7cB6fe9DC442
  • Enter the number of tokens you want to buy
  • Swap the amount for Ethpad and click on Swap
  • As you get hold of Ethpad Coin, transfer them to your wallet, and you are done with the process


Q1. What is the Official Website of Ethpad?

A1. https://ethpad.network/ is the official site of the coin.

Q2. What is the Contract Address of Ethpad?

A2. 0x8dB1D28Ee0d822367aF8d220C0dc7cB6fe9DC442 is the official contract address of the coin.

Q3. Where Can You Buy the Coin?

A3. PanCakeSwap V2 is the right place to buy or sell your coins.


Ethpad is the cross-chain platform that is designed to enhance the deflationary mechanism. The platform is developed as EIP-1559, and it comprises different deflationary triggers tied for staking, selling, and IDO participation.

Ethpad Coin is the native token of the platform, and it is available for trading on PanCakeSwap V2. So, be part of the IDO participation and buy the coin for profits in the future. But, ensure to check the future of Cryptocurrency in 2021 before investing.  

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