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Xdai To PHP {Nov 2021} Token Price, Chart, How To Buy?

This article describes a stable crypto token with stable and less volatile price movement following its underlying asset. Read on Xdai to PHP.

Are you willing to invest in less volatile, much safer and stable cryptocurrencies? If yes, you might have heard about this crypto that might be suitable for your investment style. Read this article completely to get a meaningful insight on this topic. 

Crypto investors, stakers and traders from the Philippines are looking for less risky crypto investments. They are shifting towards stable coins to reduce the impact of the high volatile crypto market. The price movements in stable coins are minimal. Read on Xdai to PHP.

About xDAI

xDAI is a type of stable cryptocurrency similar to Tether, which follows the pricing of the underlying asset USD, making it more stable and less volatile compared to the wild movements made by other cryptocurrencies in the market.

Investments made in stable coins can reduce the high risk involved with huge price movements and market crashes. The value also increases gradually according to the increase in value of the underlying asset. The price of xDAI completely depends on the price movement of the US dollar and other crypto market events don’t affect much.

Xdai to PHP

  • As more investors are trading on PHP, major crypto platforms and websites have included technical and fundamental data in  PHP, making market analysis easier.
  • xDAI blockchain works based on Ethereum Virtual Machine that enables cheap and fast crypto transactions.
  • This stable token is used for paying fees, payments and transactions. It also provides governance tokens to support the underlying Proof-of-Stake for the stakers. The stakers are rewarded with staking rewards and price appreciation.
  • XDAi also has a powerful ecosystem that encourages many innovative projects and applications.

Market Capitalization

  • Current Market Price of Xdai to PHP: ₱50.60
  • 24H trading Volume: ₱13,439,768
  • Total value Locked: ₱13,439,768
  • Market Cap: N/A
  • Max Supply: N/A
  • Total Supply: N/A
  • 24H: ₱51.18
  • 24L: ₱50.32

Founders and Team

  • Mojmir Racak is the community manager.
  • Ulyana Skladchikova is the product manager.
  • Igor Barinov manages products and operations.
  • BlockScout, Core Development and Nifty Wallet are handled by Victor Baranov.
  • xDai Core protocol development and POSDAO is managed by Vadim Arasev.
  • Max Alekseenko does application development.

Where to Buy it?

  • Swarp exchange is the most considered trading exchange for xDai.
  • Swarp provides different trading pairs, and the user can choose their suitable trading pairs accordingly. Read on Xdai to PHP.
  • Apart from Swapr, Bitmax and Honyswap also help users to purchase xDai tokens.
  • The currently available trading pairs on the Swapr platform for xDai are WETH, WXDAI, HAUS, WBTC, USDC, DXD, SYMM, DAI and MOON. The user can select any one of these trading pairs.
  • The user needs to visit the official website of swapr and connect the wallet with the website.
  • Choose a major cryptocurrency and exchange it with xDai with the equivalent crypto.
  • The price may change according to the price movement.


Q1: Where can we find the fundamental and technical data of Xdai to PHP?

A1: All the fundamental and technical market data, including market price, volume, supply, market capitalization in PHP, is available on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko etc.

Q2: Does the tradingview platform provide a chart for XDA?

A2: Yes, the tradingview platform provide XDA charts on different timeframes. The user can select the time frame starting from one minute frame.


Stable coins are considered a much safer and stable crypto investment as the price movements are very small and vigorous price movements are very rare. To know more details about this crypto, please visit this link.

Have you invested in any stable cryptos similar to Xdai to PHP? If yes, please comment on your experience with us below.

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