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Shiryo Inu Coin (Dec 2021) Chart, How To Buy? Price

Do you know what the live price of Shiryo Inu Coin is? If not, then thoroughly read this post.

Would you mind reading about the facilities provided by a popular card game’s NFT? Then, kindly read this write-up to know more cues. 

The traders of the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and India want to drive the maximum profit in the future. Also, they have reported security issues, which lead to huge losses. Thus recently, a cryptocurrency has included several protection layers to mitigate such issues, attracting more traders. 

Thus, throughout the write-up, let us discover the important aspects of Shiryo Inu Coin. Kindly check the in-depth details in the post. 

What is The Game All About? 

It is a functional DAPP that offers the minting of trading cards to its users. Moreover, within each card, a combination of random cards is seen. There are five random cards that the user can mint in every trading pack as per the sources. 

The Shiryo collection is the first-ever collection to be released at present. However, the developers have stated that they will include more card collection in the later stages of development. 

Furthermore, this P2E game grants the players to achieve Shiryo Inu Coin by winning games and competitions. In addition, the top players will be rewarded by the native token called Shiryo-Inu. 

How To Play The Game?

In this game, the player has to select 50 cards to create a deck. Furthermore, it is to be noted that a minimum of five element cards is required to proceed further in the game. 

Knowing About The Token

It is an in-game token through which you can level up and rank in the leaderboards. In addition, the tokens can be stored and minted in the wallets to gain maximum profit.

Founders’ Name of Shiryo Inu Coin

After studying the token, we have realised that there is no information available regarding the founder’s name. Thus, if we notice any latest information regarding the same, we will update the post accordingly. 

Token’s Live Price 

Upon researching, we have determined that the token’s actual price is $0.000000000095. In addition, it has a 212.60% increase with a 24-hour volume of $28,114,783 and a fully diluted cap of $94,826,880. 

Max Supply And Other Statistical Data

  • The market rank of the token is #2747.
  • The all-time high value of Shiryo Inu Coin is $0.000000000143.
  • The token’s market cap is inaccessible. 
  • SHIRYO-INU’s circulating supply is not available.
  • Token’s volume yesterday was $27,718,795.01.
  • The total supply of SHIRYO-INU tokens is not available. 
  • The fully diluted market cap is $94,859,945.
  • Token’s 7th-day low value is $0.
  • Its 24-hour volume is $28,110,043.
  • The price change of SHIRYO-INU tokens within 24 hours is $0.000000000003.
  • Token’s all-time low value is unavailable. 
  • Its max supply is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000.
  • The 7th-day high value of Shiryo Inu Coin is $0.000000000143.

What is Its Redemption Process? 

At present, the UniSwap (V2) is the top exchange medium for this token. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Mention the official URL of the token. 

A1. https://shiryoinu.com/ is the token’s official link. 

Q2. Specify its contract address.

A2. The contract address of SHIRYO-INU token is 0x1E2F15302B90EddE696593607b6bD444B64e8F02. 

Q3. Where to buy it? 

A3. If you dream of buying the token, we recommend UniSwap (V2) since it is a user-friendly exchange medium. Visit here for more details on the token. 


In this post on Shiryo Inu Coin, we have detected its worthiness which will help the traders to consider this cryptocurrency for the future. Furthermore, the live price and total supply of the SHIRYO-INU token is explained clearly. 

However, we have not detected any founder details of the token. It is also seen that UniSwap (V2) is the preferred token exchange medium for this token. 

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What more do you know about SHIRYO-INU? Tell your thoughts by writing to us. 

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