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This post on Write for Us Startup will make you understand the work of our website in a better way.

Do you know how to set up a new business or enterprise? Can you guide the audience who is looking at the details of some experienced person? Now, anyone can share thoughts on the guest article that describes the Write for Us Startup. This opportunity is created by the Rationalinsurgent team member for those who have keen knowledge to work with online sites. But, still, if you are a fresher, then you must go through the norms first.

About Us

Rationalinsurgent is a developing site that is growing day by day. We have seen success only with the help of our readers, contributors, editors, and publishers. We inspire the world by informing them about trending news. We keep everyone up to date so that everyone tries to maintain the pace of this fast generation. We provide information on pets, industry, tokens, science, investment, education, product reviews, manufacturing, website reviews, etc.

Write for Us + Startup: Guidelines To Know!

People who work smarter are nearer to success. One should focus on the smart working of the web pages. Each website recommends the contributors take care of the rules or guidelines. So, it is crucial to pay importance to the guidelines of the pages.

  • The senders should focus on the errors that can be minor but can play a major role in your selection. Spelling or grammar errors are not considered.
  • The audience chooses those sections that have eye-catching headings. So, try to choose a valuable title that can generate high traffic.
  • The piracy or freebooting of the content is insupportable. The Startup Write for Us should be one hundred percent unique.
  • The links added to the write-ups must not show any spam rate. We can bear a 2-3 percent spam rate but not more than this.
  • The senders cannot place the keyword anywhere randomly. After you finish 70-80 percent content, you can attach a link.
  • Kindly give unique color to internal links, keywords, and external links. For internal links and keywords, use blue textures. For external links, kindly use green color.
  • We prescribe the length of the guest article that must be 500 to 1000 long. Do not exceed or precede the limit.
  • Interested contributors who want to write on “Write for Us” + Startup should research deeply to provide all the worthwhile information.
  • The senders are required to keep the length within 160 words of the introductory and conclusion section.
  • A 96 to 160-character-long description is acceptable. It must not be too long.
  • You must check the readability score. It should be 90 percent or more.
  • Add decent pictures to make your article look more appealing.
  • We never support using abusive language in the content.

Topics For Startup Post

  • How do you define the word “Startup”?
  • Best and Easy Startups
  • Problems Faced While Starting Up Business
  • Startup + “Write for Us”
  • Principles and Investment: Startups
  • What are Internal Startups?
  • How to become a successful Entrepreneur?

It is an interesting topic in which you can cover some factual information and provide full worth to your audience. Instead of choosing any of the above-mentioned topics, you can make your titles.

Ways to Submit Article

The contributors are requested to share the file at this team.rationalinsurgent@gmail.com. We will reply to you as soon as possible. It may take a day to respond to you.


Ending this post, you can start working on Startup guest post for our website.

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