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Write For Us Career – Read And Follow Guideline

This article on Write for Us Career will discuss the guidelines and format needed for our website.

Nowadays, many articles on the internet are published daily that contain in-depth details of a particular topic. Do career articles published on the net require impeccable knowledge of the topic so that knowledgeable audiences can read them? Do you find yourself passionate about writing? If yes, we would be glad to let you know that we are here with a Write for Us Career opportunity for you. Scroll the article till the end and note down the requirements for writing for our website.

Get to know about Rationalinsurgent:

We are one of the fastest-growing platforms with a team of renowned writers in their particular fields. We provide quality content to our viewers. We publish articles with consistency daily. Our topics always target the audience, and they enjoy reading our unique ideas in our blogs.

We provide users with factual write-ups that are deeply searched through verified sources. 

Our platform can help your blog to reach a global audience. If you find yourself suitable, read the guidelines and follow them to have transparency and exposure to worldwide viewers.

Guidelines for Career + “Write for Us”:

You must follow these guidelines before starting to write. It will only be considered if the write-up is found according to the guidelines.

  • You must remember that the audience already has some knowledge about the facts you are presenting in your write-up. So, focus on providing facts that the audience will love to read.
  • You can write a blog on any research study that is in process. You can also write about that topic related to experiences in practical life.
  • The audience is interested in reading something about Write for Us Career that will help them to move ahead in life, so you must keep this in mind while writing.
  • You can write about problems related to your career and their solutions with them.
  • The write-up should be free of plagiarism and repeated words. Try to use synonyms if the word keeps on coming.
  • Focus more on active voice and expel passive voice while writing. 
  • Your article shouldn’t contain any harsh words that may trigger some audience.
  • It would help if you tried to add more factual things in the article than repeat ordinary things.

“Write for Us” + Career- SEO guidelines:

For ranking the article, SEO plays an important role. Hence you must be aware of SEO while writing. Here we have given some guidelines that will help you while writing.

  • The language used in the write-up must be easily understandable.
  • The readability score must be decent.
  • Grammarly should be above 98 to have a quality write-up.
  • It would be best if you focused more on the quality of the write-up.
  • The article must be free of plagiarism.
  • Use proper headings and subheadings to make it more readable.

Career Write for Us-How to submit:

If you are done with your write-up, you can contact us directly through team.rationalinsurgent@gmail.com.

Remember that we won’t publish your article directly on our website. The write-up has to go through several checking stages before publishing. We have the right to edit your article before publishing if any undesirable information is found.

We will reach you after your article is approved. You must be aware that once you have submitted your write-up, you can’t do the same elsewhere; otherwise, it will be considered plagiarism.

Final words:

You should have excellent knowledge about your career niche before writing. For a factual write-up, you must focus on deep research. With the numerous knowledge, you provide in Write for Us + Career, you will get more reach of a global audience.

Freshers are also welcome unless you have impeccable writing skills. For more information, visit the link.

 Do you find these SEO guidelines helpful? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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