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Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak Video Reddit : Were Girl’s Team Graphic UW Volleyball photos,Video & Uncensored Pics shared on Reddit, Twitter and other Social Media !

This blog provides details about the Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak Video Reddit and further details about the controversy. Follow our blog to know further.  

Have you noticed the ongoing controversy going on about the leaked video on Laura Schumacher? Want to get an entire detail about Laura Schumacher? If yes, this article is all you need to go through.  The leaked video has become the most talked news in United States.

Today’s blog will focus on all the details about the Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak Video Reddit. Follow the blog below to know more.


Details on leaked video of Wisconsin Volleyball player:

The latest viral video of Wisconsin Volleyball player is circulating throughout the internet. As per reports, The Wisconsin Volleyball player starring Laura Schumacher’s sensitive images and videos has been published on the internet. The videos and images were previously shared on Reddit but has now been removed. One can get the video link below this article.  

Report says that the pictures and videos were published publically on internet without Laura’s consent.  After noticing such videos, Laura has complained to the UW-Madison Police officers. At the same time, investigations are going on to find out the real culprit who has been sharing such Uncensored Pics and videos of the athlete without the person’s consent.

Further details on Laura Schumacher leaked video:

There has been a major controversy after Laura Schumacher, the volleyball player of the University of Wisconsin-Madison sensitive videos and photos went viral online. After noticing such leaked videos, The UW-Madison Police officers along with the athletic department started their investigation to find out the real culprit. At the same time, the police officers are not investigating the student volleyball players for any wrongdoing.

The coach of the Wisconsin Volleyball team starring Kelly Sheffield has stated that, there won’t be any strict action against the players and she supports all her team members. However, Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak Video Reddit was circulated and posted on various websites but was soon removed.

Details on Laura Schumacher Career:

Laura Schumacher, the female volleyball player of University of Wisconsin-Madison started her career as a volleyball player when she was 13 years old. Her goal is to become an NBA player. She started her volleyball career as a Mid-blocker. Later she joined Munciana volleyball team where she played as a protector and scavenger. 

Looking at her progress, Wisconsin contacted via email to participate in Country playoffs and she agreed to it. She is currently playing for Wisconsin Volleyball team.

Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak Video Reddit:

The leaked video of the volleyball player of Wisconsin has been into many controversies. However, many websites did remove those videos from their site after the UW-Madison Police officers decided to take action on this matter.

 As per the Wisconsin law passed on 2014, anyone sharing any sensitive image or video of someone without his/her consent will be considered to be criminal. The images and videos of Laura were shared without her consent, so investigation are going on to find out the suspect. Many pictures and videos were seen uploaded on Reddit and Twitter but was soon removed.

At the same time, Reports says that such Uncensored Pics were clicked when the team were celebrating on their win to big ten title last year. Such pictures were found from one of the phone of her teammates.

The leaked sensitive videos and images of Wisconsin Women volleyball player has been the talk of the town. However, after noticing such a mishap, the Wisconsin Athletics along with UW-Madison Police officers are investigating on this matter to find out the suspect.  

Statement from Wisconsin Athletics:

After the leaked photos and videos of the Wisconsin volleyball player went viral, the UW Athletics gave an official statement. As per the statement, since all are aware of the Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak Video Reddit that were never intended to post publically has been circulated digitally. Sharing and posting such images against the person’s consent is like violating her privacy. So they expect such images and videos should not be uploaded digitally. At the same time, The Wisconsin Athletics along with UW-Madison Police officers are investigating this case to find out the real suspect who have uploaded such videos and images digitally.

Last but not the least, the UW Athletics stated that they are trying to provide full support to their student athletes and providing them appropriate service. 

Points to know on Laura Schumacher:

  • Real name: Laura Schumacher
  • Leaked video date: 20th October 2022
  • Platform of uploading: Online Media
  • Played for: University of Wisconsin
  • Profession: Volleyball player 
  • Video: Yes
  • Images: Yes


To get more details on Laura Schumacher uncensored images and videos controversy, press this link to read full information.

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Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak Video Reddit: FAQ-

1 – Who is the person in the Wisconsin leak video?

Answer: The person in the video is Laura Schumacher.

2 – Who is Laura Schumacher?

Answer: Laura Schumacher is a volleyball player of the University of Wisconsin.

3 – Why is Laura Schumacher trending?

Answer: Laura Schumacher has been trending because her sensitive images went viral on internet.

4 – Who is the suspect to this leaked video?

Answer: Till now the police officers did not get the suspect in this case.

5 – Who are investigating on the leaked video of Laura Schumacher?

Answer: The Wisconsin Athletics along with UW-Madison Police officers are investigating this case.

6 – When was Laura Schumacher leaked photo clicked?

Answer: This photo was clicked on last November when the team won the big ten title.

7 – Did police officers investigate the team players of the Wisconsin university team?

Answer: No, the police officers did not investigate the team players of the Wisconsin university team.

8 – From where was the leaked photo found?

Answer: The photo was found from Laura Schumacher team mate’s phone.

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