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[Updated] Why Was Adriana Kuch Bullied: Who Attacked Her & Start Bullying? Checkout The Latest Facts!

This article provides information on Why Was Adriana Kuch Bullied and told the readers about the new leads in the case.

Have you heard about the news of a teenager who committed suicide? The news of Adriana Kuch is trending on the internet as every reader in the United States and other countries wants to know the reason behind the bullying.

If you want to know Why Was Adriana Kuch Bullied, then look at the article. 


Why was Adriana Kuch’s news trending?

A few days back, a teenager named Adriana Kuch committed suicide because of bullying in the school. There’s a video getting circulated on the internet showing the complete picture of the case. 

About Adriana Kuch Bullying Video

Adriana Kuch’s video got viral and is available on different social media platforms in which students are attacking her and beating her senselessly. The video shows that Adriana was a victim of bullying, and as per the reports, she was getting bullied for more than a month. 

In the video, a bunch of kids attacked Adriana and dropped her on the ground. After 30-40 seconds, the school officials came and broke the fight. After the video was posted, every United States viewer gets shocked and angry. 

Who are the attackers in the video?

In the comment box, you will find people asking questions like ‘Who Attacked Adriana Kuch?’ or ‘Did the school take any actions on these acts?’ and many more. Well, the attackers’ identities are hidden and not disclosed to the public because everyone is furious about what happened to Adriana Kuch. 

However, it is believed that a bunch of girls attacked Adriana Kuch, and other guys at the scene recorded the video. Images and videos are circulated on the internet of the incident in which you will see blurred faces and teenagers beating Adriana Kuch senselessly. 

The reaction of Adriana’s Father

Everyone wants to know Why Was Adriana Kuch Bullied, and the answer behind it was simple. According to Adriana, a group of girls bullied her because of her friendship with other girls.

Her father gets devastated after hearing the news of her daughter’s death. Michael blames the school authority for Adriana’s mental condition and the bullying. 

He believed that it wouldn’t happen to his daughter if the school authorities had been attentive and taken necessary actions. According to Adriana’s father, if the video weren’t viral, the girls involved in the act would have been suspended for one or two days. 

What did school authorities say about the incident?

The school didn’t know Why Was Adriana Kuch Bullied, but in the latest update, the authorities shifted the suicide blame to the victim and her father. According to them, Adriana was a drug user, and her father had an affair which led to the suicide. 

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Final Words 

Adriana Kuch’s suicide creates headlines, and everyone is unhappy with the school authorities blaming the victim and her family. Let’s hope justice will be served in the end. 

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Why Was Adriana Kuch Bullied– FAQs

1: Who Bullied Adriana in school?

A: 4 girls are involved in the bullying. 

2: Did the school take any action?

A: The school suspended the students who bullied Adriana Kuch.

3: What are the charges on the girls?

A: The girls are charged with a 3-degree felony and disorderly conduct. 

4: Who is New Jersey High School’s chief?

A: Triantafillos Parlapanides. 

5: Was Adriana a drug user?

A: There is no evidence which supports the drug use theory.

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