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Kris Wu Reddit: Is He In Jail, Also Find His Wife, Daughter, Girlfriends, Mother, Net Worth, Wiki, and Age Details!

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Who is Kris Wu? Why is everyone searching for him? What did he do? Where is he from? Why are people wanting to know more about him? People Worldwide are searching for and are eager to get more information regarding him. If you are one of those people, you have ended up at the right place. All the information regarding Kris Wu Reddit will be mentioned below. So kindly read this article with your undivided attention.   


Who is Kris Wu? 

Kris Wu Yi Fan is a Canadian former, rapper, singer, model, and actor. He is a former member of a South Korean band. He was born in Li Jiaheng on 6th November, he is also known as Kevin Li, Wu Yi Yan. He was born in China, but he moved to Canada after sometime. Does he have a Wife? Yes, he is married and he has a wife. But her name is not revealed anywhere. He was a solo artist and an actor back in China. He has performed in several box office hits. He has also made a Hollywood. He moved to Canada at the very young age of 10. Now he has a good career, he is married and he also has a Daughter. For further information, read below. 

What did Kris Wu do? 

Kris Wu who is also known as Wu Yifan has been sentenced to 13 years in Jail by the Beijing court. The Beijing Police suspected him of physical assault and on grounds of this suspicion, he was arrested. It was on 25 November when the Beijing Court sentenced Kris Wu to 13 years in Jail. He has been sentenced to jail for two different violations. 

Kris Wu Wiki 

Kris Wu is one of the most well-known singers and actors from China. He is popularly known for his roles in various hit films. He graduated from Point Grey Secondary School; Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School. He is pretty famous on the internet with around 7.6 million followers on Instagram. Who is his Mother? His mother’s name is Wu Xiuqin. Kris Wu joined EXO as the eleventh member. 


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As per the information, his parents divorced when he was a child, and he moved to Canada. Kris has a massive Net Worth of $9 million.  

Kris Wu Physically Assault Case 

 On July 8, 2021, a woman posted on her Weibo account accusing him of raping her. He did not just physically assault her but 30 other girls out of which 2 were minor. Kris denied all the accusations that were put up against him. Did he have many Girlfriends? No information regarding this was found.  He was accused of getting women drunk and then raping them. The investigation shows that he physically assaulted three women between November to December 2020. He took advantage of drunken women at his own house. He was also found hiding his income through foreign and domestic enterprises. Now he has been sentenced to 13 years of Jail due to his corruption. 


Kris Wu has been found guilty of his crimes and has been sentenced to 13 years in Jail. He has also been an ambassador for 15 brands that served links with him. Many people are wondering about his Age, he is 30 years old. For more information about him, click on this link. 

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Kris Wu Reddit – FAQs 

Q1. Who is Kris Wu? 

Kris Wu is an actor, rapper, Singer, Model, etc. 

Q2. Where is he from? 

He is from China. 

Q3. What is his Mother’s Name? 

Wu Xiuqin. 

Q4. How old is he? 

He is 30 years old. 

Q5. Is he married? 


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