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Where To Buy Sundaeswap {Dec} Chart, Contract Address!

The article consists of a new decentralized exchange that is based on the popular Cardano cryptocurrency blockchain. Read about Where to Buy Sundaeswap.

Are you interested in new crypto projects that are being done using one of the biggest cryptocurrencies, Cardano? If yes, you must have heard about an inspiring decentralized exchange platform that functions for Cardano based blockchains. 

Crypto traders and miners from the United States and other parts of the world are very excited about this new platform that helps to trade and swap the tokens for different Cardano based crypto projects. Read the article completely to understand more about Where To Buy Sundaeswap.

 About SundaeSwap

SundaeSwap is a type of Automated Market Maker (AAM). This decentralized application helps users make trades on tokens native to the famous Cardano blockchain, which is fast, secure, and anonymous. It is used by many traders and miners Worldwide.

They will use an automated market model that allows users to provide the required liquidity to LP, a liquidity pool, and trade against it. They are using the advantage of ISO, which stands for Initial Stake Pool Offering. A person or a group of persons can contribute to the pool accordingly.

Before reading Where To Buy Sundaeswap, check its founder details.

About Founders and Team:

  • Mateen Motavaf and Artem Wright are the founders of SundaeSwap. They were students of Boston University, where they met each other.
  • Both the founders liked the idea of DeFi, and they learned more about smart contracts and Cardano and finally decided to build a protocol of their own.
  • The other major team players include Pi Lanningham, Matt Ho, Miklós Süveges, Edmund Noble, Mark Hansen, Andi Kratzel and Gaston Solis.

 Market Supply:

  • Total Supply: 208,584 SUNDAE
  • Total number of holders: 10 addresses
  • Total transfers: 93. This is to be considered while deciding Where To Buy Sundaeswap.
  • Contract: 0xe7a065fc41889179d32d9d0157fd83265b2c6dda
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap: Not available.

SundaeSwap Partners:

  • Liquid Finance, a protocol company based on the algorithmic, open-source and non-custodial interest rate based, is built mainly for the developers, borrowers, and lenders of different streams and purposes.
  • Milabs is a major consultancy company that deals with Rust, Haskell and Blockchain.
  • Indigo Protocol is another protocol company that develops synthetic protocols based on real-world assets built on Cardano.
  • Card starter, a platform used for swapping, helps to connect the early-stage innovators from Cardano with a donor community.

Where To Buy Sundaeswap?

  • The first method to get SundaeSwap’s SUNDAE token is to exchange by staking ADA(ISO). It is the primary and most discussed method.
  • The second method to avail this token is to be a Liquidity Provider on their given protocol. Pi, who is in charge of leading the developer’s team in SundaeSwap informed that this is the best method to earn SUNDAE with a higher probability.
  • The final method is to purchase the token from DEX, which is done by swapping the available ADA for SUNDAE. Profits are also made by swapping the token. 


Q1: What are the Transaction Fees?

A1: Two different transaction fees are applicable when we find the solution for Where To Buy Sundaeswap. The first one has to be given to the miners as a mining fee, and the other fees include the swap fee that has to be given to the liquidity providers for using their service.

Q2: What is the contract address of Sundaeswap?

A2: 0xe7a065fc41889179d32d9d0157fd83265b2c6dda.

Q3: What is its official address?

A3: https://sundaeswap.finance/


SundaeSwap has developed a protocol that helps the users participate in the interesting projects done by Cardano using these tokens. So be educated before making any crypto investment. To understand more about Where To Buy Sundaeswap, please check here. 

Have you done any swapping using the crypto tokens? If yes, kindly share your feedback with us to get a better understanding. 

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