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Cryptopunk NFT Price (Aug 2021) How To Buy? Coint, Prediction

Here in this article, we will read about Cryptopunk NFT Price and every essential detail related to this particular nonfungible token.

Are you also interested in NFT’s and digital currencies? And you want to know about the famous NFT’S that are famous worldwide, especially in the United States. Crypto punk is one such NFT, and the Cryptopunk NFT Price is the topic that we are going to deal with in this particular article.

Crypto punk is a just a similar NFT like all the others available in the market, and this NFT is now gaining a lot of popularity due to which investors are investing in it, so read the whole article, and you will get every detail related to this coin.

What Is Crypto Punk NFT?

It is basically a collection of ten thousand unique collectible characters, which contains proof of ownership on the Ethereum blockchain. Next, we will read about the Cryptopunk NFT Price further, but first, let dig some more details related to this NFT.

The movement of modern crypto art inspires this project of crypto punk, and it contains selected appearances and press like CNBC, Bloomberg, Paris review, and the financial times. The crypto punks is also considered one of the very early examples of Nonfungible Tokens on the platform of Ethereum, and it also became an inspiration for the ERC-721 standard. Now after reading these details, let us read about the price of crypto punk.

Live Cryptopunk NFT Price And Market Data:

The current and the live price of the crypto punk digital currency is approximately 105 dollars with a twenty-four-hour trading volume of around 189,026 dollars, and the price of this NFT has gone up by 74.8 percent in the last twenty-four hours. And it contains almost zero coins in its circulating supply, and the current rank of the coin is considered to be #7171.

Now let us go through the price chart and the statistics of the crypto punk coin market for a better view of the coin.

HOODIE price And Statistics Of Market:

  • market cap of punk- no data available
  • market cap dominance of punk- 0.00 percent
  • trading volume of punk- 189,026 USD
  • Cryptopunk NFT Price– 104.16 USD
  • market cap and volume of punk- no data available
  • punk coin 24hour low and 24hour high- 59.44/ 127.23 USD
  • punk coin seven days low and high- 53.87USD/ 127.23USD
  • market cap rank of the punk coin- no data available
  • all-time high of the punk coin- 127.23 USD
  • all-time low of the punk coin- 53.48 USD

How To Buy Crypto Punk?

Step 1- download and then create your account in the meta mask wallet.

Step 2- after creating your account, purchase some ether from the coin base.

Step 3: After installing the plugin, you will get access to bid and buy punk coins.

Step 4- then lastly, you can buy punk coins using the ETH.

You should follow all the steps as mentioned above to successfully purchase punk NFT.


Cryptopunk NFT Price is the main thing that we have read about in this particular article. We have briefly discussed all the important and useful information you need to know about the crypto punk coin, which will help you guys invest in the particular NFT without any hesitation.

Have you ever purchased a Nonfungible token by using ETH? If yes, then share your experience in the comment box below. Know here about common cryptocurrency scams and how you can avoid them:

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