Wagyu Swap (September 2021) Price, Chart & How To Buy?

About General information Wagyu Swap

The guide shares details about the new DEX on VELAS Blockchain called Wagyu Swap and market analysis.

The future of Blockchain is bright, and every day a new project is launched on the platform to attract millions of investors Worldwide. For example, a new and innovative DEX project has been established on the Velas Network called WagyuSwap. 

The project is incubated by BlueZilla and launched in partnership with ETHPad, BSCPad, and Velas. It is the first DEX on the revolutionary Blockchain Velas and the most delicate cut of the decentralized trading platform that would act as the nascent ecosystem. 

Wagyu Swap uses the Solana codebase, and it is EVM compatible to offer a world-class DeFi experience.    

What is WagyuSwap?

WagyuSwap is the first and revolutionary DEX available of the fastest Blockchain Velas Network. Itacts as the nascent ecosystem and the most delicate cut of the decentralized trading platforms loaded with many new projects. 

The token is based on the Solana codebase, and it is EVM compatible powered by AI technology to support the cross-chain transfers of all significant tokens on the market. The Worldwide investors are focused on investing in this coin and want to learn more about Wagyu Swap.

The tokenomics and the allocation data of the token is available below for your help.

Who are the Founders of WAG Token?

We have evaluated the website and other exchanges and found no data available regarding its founder and CEO. However, we have discovered that BlueZilla incubates it in partnership with VELAS, ETHPad, and BSCPad. 

There are no further data available about the holders of the token and the transfers recorded to date. 

The Market Cap, Supply and Live Price Data of Wagyu Swap

As per the official website, the public price of the token is $0.01, with an initial market cap of $37 750. The token has the initial circulating supply of 3 750 000 WAG tokens in the market. However, the total circulating supply of the token is 500 000 000 WAG.

There is no data available about the fully diluted market cap, maximum circulating supply, and live price of the token. It is set to be launched in the IDO Airdrop with the value of $21 000.00. The Wagyu Swap token allocations are as follow:

  • 43% for staking
  • 10% for team
  • 10% goes in the liquidity pool
  • 10% for the ecosystem
  • 6% reserve 
  • 1% for Airdrop
  • 10.5% for private sale
  • 2.5% for BSCPad IDO
  • 2% for ETHPad IDO

How to Buy This Crypto?

The token is available in the IDO airdrop, and investors have to participate in the IDO Launch Airdrop to have the token. 

  • Besides, you can buy it using ETH
  • Search the token on major exchanges using contract address 0x7FA7dF4996AC59F398476892cfB195eD38543520
  • Add a sufficient amount of ETH to swap for Wagyu Swap
  • Enter the number of tokens you want to buy with ETH
  • Swap it for the token, and you are done     


Q1. What is the Official Site of the WAG Token?

A1. The official site of the token is https://www.wagyuswap.app/

Q2. Which is the Correct Contract Address?

A2. The contract address you have to use is 0x7FA7dF4996AC59F398476892cfB195eD38543520

Q3. When is The IDO Launch Airdrop for WAG Scheduled?

A3. After two days, the IDO Launch Airdrop is scheduled for WAG.


WAG Token is the first DEX launched on the VELAS Blockchain network, and it is here to use the power of the Solana codebase. Plus, it is compatible with EVM to deliver a world-class DeFi experience to investors.     

However, Wagyu Swap is planned to be launched in the IDO Airdrop in the coming two days. So, you have to participate in the airdrop to get the WAG tokens. But, ensure to check the future of Cryptocurrency in 2021 before investing.  

Have you participated in the airdrop launch event? Please share your experiences in the comment section.

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