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Devikins Token To PHP (Mar 2022) Chart & How To Buy?

Do you want to know about a token which has been in the spotlight recently? Then have a look at Devikins Token to PHP article.

Do you want to get entertained and earn money at the same time? Then walk through the details of Devikins Token, which is explained well in the below post. So keep reading the post till the end and do not miss any crucial information.

Devikins is a mobile-based role-playing game integrated with character caring and breeding; its own crypto coin DVK handles every task. Also, know Devikins Token to PHP value which is a widely asked question in the Philippines.

What is Devikins Token?

Devikins is true crypto that can be purchased and sold in the real world. Every in-game character has a unique NFT (Non-Fungible Token) in the blockchain. An NFT game character gets different features to stand unique which converted as game mechanics in the play.

ETC is a utility coin that can be accessed as the prime Devikins currency; these coins are not similar to normal game currency because they have real-world value. It allows you to breed to create rigid characters. To know Devikins Token to PHP value, read the complete post.

Founder’s Details

The founder’s details are not available as of now for this token. As soon as we get the details, we will update you on the same.

Why go for Devikins?

Do you wonder why Devikins or how it is unique among the crowd? Then read this section.

  • Devikins is unique among other coins because it can earn real money while having fun playing an online game.
  • It is a JRPG combat-based system with unleashes the complete ability of your characters.
  • It has a marketplace to trade NFT.
  • Users will be able to spike their Devikins digitally in the Klever Wallet.
  • 16% APR will be the initial Staking returns.

Devicoin Mining Event Details

While exploring more about Devikins Token to PHP, we obtained the following details;

  • On the Klever Labs page, users have to burn KLV through a contract using a web3 browser.
  • 1.000 KLV is the minimum amount to mine DVK.
  • 200.000 KLV maximum amount to mine DVK;
  • Mining will be closed as it reaches 20M KLV.
  • About 400M DVK to be pool distributed.
  • It has a fixed ratio of 20:1.
  • Successful miners are appraised as early adopters who are eligible for special benefits.
  • Devikin Statue giveaway, which is not yet announced.
  • Exchange Addresses are not permitted for the mining.
  • NFT Characters.
  • Play to Earn concept.

Devikins Token to PHP

On its official website, we found DVK value as $0.03717, which is when converted to Philippines Peso, we obtained 1.87 PHP.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I receive KLV after mining?

A1. No, you cannot receive as KLV’s will be burnt immediately.

Q2. What happens if KLVs is submitted out of range or late?

A2. All KLVs submitted against the rules will not receive DVKs.

Q3. What is the official website of Devikins?

A3. https://devikins.com/. Read here for more details


Since Devikins is new in the market, not much information is known about it. Anyhow, we will help you out and introduce you to the new coin we have researched and given you the crucial data. Devikins Token to PHP value is given for reference; please goes through.

Do you have anything to share about the coin? Then do write it in the comment box below.

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