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{Updated} Elisa Sanchez LinkedIn: Explore Complete Information On Loriga Morte

Read the information on Elisa Sanchez LinkedIn about Loriga Morte, a love story that has been talked about in history.

We all know love knows no boundaries, and it just happens. We have grown up reading the love stories of Romeo-Juliet to Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere. But have you ever heard of the Mario Sanchez and Marcela Gracia story? If not, we have discussed Elisa Sanchez LinkedIn in this post in which people of Brazil are interested these days.

Elisa Sanchez LinkedIn:

The story that we are going to talk about is not of the digital social media age, but it is about 1901. Elisa Sanchez took the identity of Mario Sanchez, who died in the shipwreck. She did this because of her uncontrolled emotion for Marcela Garcia, whom she first met during teacher training school in Coruna. Slowly, they came to understand that the emotion went beyond basic friendship. Garcia’s parents sent her to Madrid upon learning about their friendship. Her parents had a fear of controversies regarding the daughter’s relationship with the same gender. However, their attempt to separate them goes in vain.

What did Elisa Sanchez Loriga Morte do after this?

After finishing their studies, they moved together to Calo. But after they were sick of keeping their relationship a secret from everyone, they decided on careful planning. 

From here, Elisa’s masculine appearance, a new identity was created. She deepens her voice, dresses like a man, cuts her hair and adopts the identity of Mario Sanchez, her cousin. Elisa went to the location of the marriage union to implement the next step of the plan on May 26 1901.

Elisa Sanchez Loriga Morte men portrayal and marriage:

Sanchez needs to know as a “man” in front of the priest to get married. Therefore, they presented a story in front of the priest that Mario was born and raised in London, and his father was an atheist. The priest believed them and performed a ritual to become a member of Christan.

The wedding took place, but it did not remain hidden from the community for so long. The couple lying and establishing their relationship came in the media, and people started outraging the incident. The news of Sanchez and Garcia was made public worldwide by newspapers and highlighted as a marriage without a man at that time.

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Aftermath of Elisa Sanchez LinkedIn:

After the incident, the two lost their job and issued an arrest warrant. The situation became worse when the news of their execution came out. Fear of this, they ran to Portugal. Elisa changed her name, and Marcela gave birth to a girl.

Present relation of the story:

Elisa and Marcela, a Netflix film released on May 24 2019 in Spain. Isabel Coixet directed the film. Also, in 2020, Norma Graciela Moure got to know she is a great-granddaughter of Marcela.


Love stories are always beautiful because of the efforts hidden behind them. Elisa Sanchez Loriga Morte story is an inspiration for all of us even after more than a century. The struggle they went through at that time for their marriage of being the same gender is still talked about in Spain. You can check the Elisa and Marcela trailer here.

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Disclaimer: The story of Elisa Sanchez and Marcela Gracia is taken from Wikipedia and other online sources. We are writing it for information purposes only.

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